MSW/MBA Dual Degree

Many social service agencies today require that agency managers combine financial and business expertise with social work practice and policy formation. The MSW/MBA degree enables graduates to function in a workplace that demands the delivery of quality services with increasingly limited resources. The MSW/MBA dual degree option is available to MSW students who elect the Multicultural Macro Practice (MCMP) concentration.

MSW/MBA students will spend their first two years taking Master of Social Work courses followed by approximately 15 months of MBA courses. For more information regarding the Multicultural Macro Practice (MCMP) coursework required for the MSW/MBA dual degree, refer to the Master of Social Work section in this catalog. MSW students who graduated after June 2002 are required to complete the following eight MBA courses:

MBA 510 – Applied Managerial Economics

MBA 520 – Accounting for Business Managers

MBA 530 – Managerial Finance

MBA 545 – Organizational Behavior

MBA 550 – Marketing Management

MBA 560 – Communication Issues in Management

MBA 575 – Strategic Technology

MBA 595 – Strategic Management

MSW students who graduated prior to 2002 are required to complete nine MBA courses. This includes the eight MBA courses listed above as well as MBA 592 – Leadership: Ethics, Service, and Transformation.

MSW students may also be required to adjust their summative evaluation project to meet the requirements of the MSW and MBA programs.

Students interested in the MSW/MBA program must apply to both programs. See the application guidelines listed under each individual program.

NOTE: Admission to one program does not guarantee admission to the other.