Events Calendar

September 2013

September 4 Classes begin (drop/add deadline 9/17)

September 5 Music FAS reception, 6:30pm, M4

September 5 Music Major Jamboree, 7pm, Sateren Lobby

September 9 Faculty Recital – Dale Kruse, DMA voice, 7pm, Sateren Auditorium

September 15 Facutly & Guest Recital – FluteSpriation – 4pm, Sateren Auditorium

September 23 Pavia Winds concert, 7:30pm, Sateren Auditorium

September 27 Music Building Naming Ceremony 1:30pm, Music plaza

September 23-28 Homecoming Week

October 2013

October 13 Sateren Celebration Concert, 4pm, Normandale Lutheran

October 17 -18 Music Visit Days  -for prospective students (register with Admissions here

October 17 Indian Music Concert 7-8:30pm, Sateren Auditorium

October 24 Jenna Leahy, Jr. soprano, 7pm, Sateren Auditorium

October 24 Elijah Berndt, Sr. piano, 8:30pm, Sateren Auditorium

October 25 Midterm Break

October 25 Jazz Festival

October 27 Reformation Festival, 4pm, Central Lutheran, Mpls

November 2013

November 2 Treble Festival, noon-6pm

November 3 Masterworks Chorale performance, 7 p.m, Hoversten Chapel; freewill offering taken

November 7 Mandy Isaacson, non-degree viola recital, 7:30pm, Sateren Auditorium

November 9 Baritone Nicholas White & Pianist Olivia Wirtanen, Die schöne Müllerin, 7:30pm, Sateren Auditorium

November 10 Oboe Masterclass with Dr. Andrew Parker, 5pm, Sateren Auditorium

November 16 Augsburg Symphony Orchestra Concert, 3pm, Hoversten Chapel

November 17 Augsburg Concert Band Concert, 3pm, Hoversten Chapel

November 18 Sarah Matthews, Sr. soprano, 7pm, Sateren Auditorium

November 22 Augsburg Jazz Concert, 7pm, Hoversten Chapel

November 23 Fine Arts Auditions (application/acceptance deadline 11/11, apply here  )

November 25 Thomas Jacobs, Jr. percussion, 7pm, Sateren Auditorium

November 25 Casey Collins, Sr. percussion, 8:30pm, Sateren Auditorium

November 28-29 Thanksgiving Break

December 2013

December 6 Advent Vespers – Central Lutheran 5, & 8 p.m., Reservations Required (order here

December 7 Advent Vespers- Central Lutheran, 2, 5, & 8 p.m., Reservations Required (order here

December 11 Chamber Music Recital, 4 p.m., Hoversten Chapel (cookie decorating party reception)

December 12 Upper String Juries, 10-11:40 a.m., Sateren Auditorium

December 13 Augsburg Concert Band @ St. Thomas, 7pm

December 14 Isaac Kronlokken, non-degree voice recital, 7pm Sateren

December 16 Voice Juries, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., Sateren Auditorium

December 16 Qualifying Juries for sophomores and transfer music majors, 2-5 p.m., Sateren Auditorium

December 17 Guitar Proficiencies, AM – M5

December 17 Woodwind Juries, 8:30a.m. – 11am, Sateren Auditorium

December 17 Piano Proficiencies, 9 a.m. -1pm, Choir Room

December 17 Guitar Juries, 11am-noon, Sateren Auditorium

December 17 Piano Juries, 2-5 p.m., Sateren Auditorium

December 17 Instrumental Juries (brass, percussion, low strings, guitar) 2-5 p.m., Hoversten Chapel

December 19 Repertoire Test Year #1, 9 a.m., Choir Room

January 2014

January 3-10 ASO tour, tbd

January 13 Classes begin (drop/add deadline 1/27)

January 20 No Classes

January 24 Augsburg Jazz @Cedar Cultural Center for benefit, 7pm

January 25 9/10 Honor Band Festival

January 30 String Masterclass – Richard Marshall – 10am, Sateren Auditorium

February 2014

February 4 ACTC VocalEssence event(vocal activist Melanie DeMore ) 1:30-3pm, Hoversten Chapel (FREE, but we do ask that you register at or by phone at 612.547.1456)

February 7 MN High School Music Listening Contest – featuring …

February 10 Augsburg Band with Fridley Band @Fridley

February 13-15 MMEA Clinic

February 13 Augsburg/Fridley Bands @ MMEA, 1pm (Mpls Convention Center Ballroom)

February 15 Augsburg Choir @ Basilica, 5pm

February 25 Campus Assessment Day

February 28 Fine Arts Scholarship auditions (application deadline 2/14) (music application here: <>)

March 2014

March 5 Named Scholarship Auditions 9am-3pm, Sateren Auditorium (application deadline 2/28) (closed auditions)

March 10 Kendri Scarborough, Sr. vocie – 7pm, Sateren Auditorium

March 11 Woman Voice – 7:30pm, Tedd Mann (U of M)

March 13 Percussionists Honors Recital – 7pm Hoversten Chapel

March 14-23 Augsburg Band Tour

March 17-21 Spring Break

March 23 Augsburg Band Home Concert, 4pm, Hoversten Chapel

March 27 Sophie Bauer & David Fillman, sophomore voice – 7pm, Sateren Auditorium

March 30 Percussion Ensemble Concert – 3pm, Hoversten Chapel

March 31 Martin Voigt, piano – 7pm, Sateren Auditorium

April 2014

April 5 Masterworks Chorale concert, 5p.m., Central Lutheran, Mpls; freewill offering taken

April 5 Augsburg Symphony Orchestra Concert (concerto/aria), 7pm, Hoversten Chapel

April 7 Katherine Zelze, Sr. voice – 5:30pm, Sateren Auditorium

April 7 Nick Pell, trombone & Chris Kopp, euphonium – 7pm, Sateren Auditorium

April 7 Ian Wilkinson, Sr. low brass – 8:30pm, Sateren Auditorium

April 10 Beth Moy, Sr. voice – 6pm, Sateren Auditorium

April 10 Carley Olson, Sr. clarinet -7pm, Sateren Auditorium

April 10  David Fillman, Jr. voice -8:30pm, Sateren

April 11 Riverside & Cedar Singers Concert 7pm, St Philips (Hastings, MN)

April 12 Flute Fest hosted at Augsburg

April 13 Riverside & Cedar Singers Concert 7:30pm, Hoversten Chapel

April 14  Anna Peterson, Sr. oboe – 7pm, Sateren Auditorium

April 17 Nate Kostick, Sr. trumpet – 5:30pm, Sateren Auditorium

April 17   Adam Carlson, Sr. violin – 7pm, Sateren Auditorium

April 18 Easter Break

April 21 Nate Kostick, Sr. trumpet – 5:30pm, Sateren

April 21 Sean Blum, Sr. guitar – 7pm, Sateren Auditorium

April 21 Hannah Green, Sr. voice – 8:30pm, Sateren Auditorium

April 23 Chamber Music High Tea, 4 p.m., Hoversten Chapel

April 24 Upper String Juries 10am-12pm, Sateren Auditorium

April 24 Amber Ostopowicz, sophomore flute – 5:30pm, Sateren Auditorium

April 24 Zach Baltich, Sr. percussion – 7pm, Sateren Auditorium

April 24 Shea Drenkow, Sr. ele bass – 8:30pm, Sateren Auditorium

April 25 JIVE (Augsburg Jazz) to perform at chapel time – 10:40am, Hoversten Chapel

April 25 Rachel Hastings, non-degree piano – 6:30pm, Sateren Auditorium

April 26 Nick Podvin, Sr. bassoon – 1pm, Hoversten Chapel

April 26 Augsburg Jazz @ Famous Dave’s, 4pm (reservations recommended)

April 28 Voice Juries, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., Sateren Auditorium

April 28 Piano Proficiencies, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m., Choir Room

April 28 Piano Juries, 2-5 p.m., Sateren Auditorium

April 28 Matthew Keseley, Sr. percussion – 7pm, Sateren Auditorium

April 29 Brass, Percussion, Low String, Guitar Juries, 10am- 2:3 p.m., Sateren Auditorium

April 30 Woodwind Juries. 9am-1pm, Sateren Auditorium

April 30 Holly Reddy, Sr. voice – 7pm, Sateren Auditorium

May 2014

May 1 Repertoire Test Year #1, 9 a.m., Choir Room

May 1 Music Theater Performance – 12pm, Sateren Auditorium

May 2 Commencement Concert—Bon Voyage Performance- Choir, 8 p.m. Hoversten Chapel

May 5-13  Choir Tour—Ireland