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Art History

“History has remembered the kings and warriors because they destroyed. Art has remembered the people because they created” – William Morris

HISTORY IS ALIVE; it is a delicate and complicated, organism–for which we as art historians, are responsible for breathing more life into each time we give it careful attention. At Augsburg University, the Art History curriculum is a “petri dish” of sorts where high-level intellectual discussion can lead to breakthroughs and new ways of thinking about a topic or subject. Our faculty have a commitment to this philosophy. The structure, design, and encourage passion and curiosity through innovative curriculum and approaches to looking at art history.

The B.A. degree program at Augsburg introduces students to a wide range of artistic styles and periods, art historical theory and criticism, and research methodology in the field. Critical thinking, research and writing skills, and interdisciplinary collaboration are cultivated in this program, which emphasizes visual and experiential literacy, an understanding of history as well as the social forces and cultural ideologies that have shaped and informed different periods and styles.


Student Work