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We always welcome phone calls and email inquiries about the Augsburg Youth Theology Institute.

Because most of our staff are part time and have additional responsibilities and we work on the university academic calendar, we keep varied office hours. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to set up a Zoom meeting, phone call, or physically distant one-on-one, and a staff member or student assistant will return your call or email at their earliest convenience.

Youth Theology Network logo
Youth Theology Network logo

We are proud to be a part of the national, ecumenical, Youth Theology Network focused on vocational discernment and resources for leaders, comprised of over 100 public and private institutions, and committed to supporting young people as they explore questions about faith, purpose, and call to ministry in the world.


The Augsburg Youth Theology Institute is only one of the many initiatives supported by the work of the Christensen Center for Vocation, one of the four centers of commitment on the Augsburg University campus. The Christensen Center for Vocation equips and accompanies students, staff, faculty, and ministry leaders as they engage in place-based vocational discernment in the public square for the common good. These learning partnerships happen through a variety of initiatives that foster learning experiences and creative collaborations.

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