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Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR)

With social distancing guidelines expected to go into the summer months, in order to ensure the safety and well-being of all our incoming Auggies, SOAR will now be moving to a completely virtual format this June.

SOAR Session Dates (Updated TUES, JUN 23)

Please note: Check-in for SOAR starts at 8:30am OR 12:30pm (depending on which SOAR you have registered for). You will be placed into a wait room until you are checked in.

If you received an email with the link to access your SOAR, but are having difficulties getting in, email

If you never received an email with the link to access your SOAR, email

  • SOAR L: Fri, Jul 31 from 8:30am – 12:00pm
  • International Student Orientation: Wed, Aug 26 – Fri, Aug 28*
  • SOAR Z: Thurs, Aug 27 from 8:30am – 12:00pm**

*For F-1 and J-1 status students only.

**Reserved for students who cannot attend SOAR A-K. Must receive permission from Campus Life in order to attend.

Register for SOAR

Click here to register for SOAR. If you previously registered for SOAR I-V prior to May 4, you must re-register for a new session above.

What is SOAR? 

Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR) is a required orientation experience for all incoming first-year students who will be starting at Augsburg University in Fall 2020. SOAR is designed to help with the transition to Augsburg and allows students to learn about their fall schedule; meet fellow classmates, faculty and staff; learn about university resources and services; discuss living on campus with Residence Life; and get a taste for life as an Auggie.

To provide the best virtual experience possible, summer orientation has been split into two parts:

  1. Virtual live SOAR sessions (dates and times listed above).
  2. Online orientation modules (SOAR Online) that can be taken at students’ own pace between SOAR and fall semester.

Are students required to attend SOAR?

Yes. SOAR is required for all incoming first-year students who will be starting at Augsburg University in Fall 2020.

What do students need to do prior to attending SOAR?

  1. Register (or Re-register) for SOAR Through Your Student Portal. Even if you have previously registered for SOAR I-V prior to May 4, you must re-register to attend SOAR, as we have split each former in-person SOAR into smaller virtual sessions.
  2. Acquire Technology (if applicable). Indicate on the SOAR registration form what technology you have or will need to check out. Required technology for SOAR includes a desktop/laptop, a webcam/computer camera, and internet connectivity. (We do not recommend a tablet or phone.)
  3. Install Zoom. All students will need to make sure Zoom is installed on their computers.
  4. Review the Augsburg University Curriculum and prepare for your Math Placement Test. You will receive information regarding the class registration process via your Admissions Status Page in the upcoming weeks.During this process, you will be asked to activate your AugNet account. Remember your AugNet email and password, as you will need this for SOAR (and beyond!).
  5. Sign Housing Contract (if applicable). If you plan to live on campus your first year at Augsburg, submit your housing contract sooner rather than later. To submit your Residence Life & Meal Plan Contract, log into your student portal.
  6. Download the Augsburg University Orientation 2020 Guidebook App.

Can parents and guardians attend SOAR?

SOAR is specifically designed for incoming first-year students. Family SOAR communications will be sent via email throughout the summer months informing parents and guardians of important information. Questions about family communications can be directed to Kristen Cooper at

How will SOAR take place?

All SOAR sessions will take place virtually via Zoom.

What technology do I need to access SOAR?

You will need a desktop/laptop, a webcam/computer camera, and internet connectivity. You will also want to download and install Zoom on your device.

Can I use a phone or tablet to access SOAR?

We recommend not using phones or tablets, as you will need easy access to a keyboard and use of more than one application at a time while participating. 

What if I do not have a laptop and/or internet connectivity where I am?

Augsburg has free laptops you can reserve through the Library that come with a webcam/computer camera and Zoom already installed. Augsburg also has free mobile hotspots able to reserve for those with limited internet connectivity. You can reserve these items on the SOAR registration page in your student portal.

If I reserve a laptop or mobile hotspot, how do I get it?

If you request a laptop or mobile hotspot, someone from Information Technology (IT) will be in contact with you about figuring out pickup details. If you do not hear from someone from IT, contact

How long can I keep any reserved laptop and/or mobile hotspot?

Students who reserve laptops or mobile hotspots may keep this technology throughout the summer in order to complete the online orientation modules (SOAR Online) between SOAR and Auggie Days. Students will be asked to bring back their technology on the first day of Auggie Days, taking place Friday, August 28.


SOAR Online is part two of orientation. It consists of online modules that can be taken asynchronously (at your own pace) between SOAR in mid-June and Auggie Days in August. International students and those attending SOAR Z will obtain login information in mid-June.

Are students required to DO “SOAR ONline”?

Yes. All students are required to complete SOAR online.

How do I access “SOAR online”?

Students attending SOAR A-M will obtain login information during their SOAR session. Students attending International Student Orientation or SOAR Z in August will find out login information in mid-June via email.


All students must complete the SOAR Online modules by Thursday, August 27.

Need accommodations?

Any student with a disability-related concern in regards to SOAR should contact the CLASS/Disability Resources Office at or 612-330-1053. Contacting CLASS two or more weeks prior to your SOAR session will help ensure that all necessary accommodations will be available.

Additional questions?

Please contact Campus Life at or 612-330-1100 with any additional questions and concerns regarding SOAR.

And don’t forget!

Auggie Days, the second part of the required orientation experience for first-year students, starts Friday, August 28 and runs until Friday, September 5, 2020. (Aug 30-Sept 1 are required programming days and Sept 2-4 are optional programming days.) STUDENTS SHOULD MARK THEIR CALENDARS!