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Mathematics Placement

To graduate from Augsburg, you are required to reach Math Placement Group 3 (MPG 3). It also ensures that you don’t take a class for which you are not prepared. Your Math Placement Group will be assigned based on whether you have:

Passed a college-level math course:

  • A college algebra (or higher) course within the past five years (see your transcript evaluation); or
  • The College Board Advanced Placement exam (AP) at college algebra or higher with an appropriate score; or
  • The College Level Examination Program exam (CLEP) in college algebra or higher with an appropriate score.

Submitted an ACT score and high school transcript from within the past five years:

You will receive a math placement group based on your ACT math sub-score and high school math courses. You will be given the option to test higher (see math placement test below).

ACT Math Subscore Math Placement Required Placement Test
18 and below MPG 1 Prealgebra & Algebra

Precalculus (optional)

19-21 MPG 2 Algebra
22-23 MPG 2 Algebra
24-25 MPG 3 No test needed
22-25 and successful high school precalc, trig, or calc MPG 3 Algebra & Precalculus (optional)
26+ and successful high school precalc, trig, or calc MPG 4 No test needed

Passed the Augsburg Math Placement Test:

Click here to schedule a math placement test appointment, completed at Academic Advising (2nd Floor of Lindell Library).

This placement test is a short multiple choice quiz testing prealgebra, algebra, and – depending on intended major – precalculus. Even though the questions are multiple choice, you should work through each problem as you would on any math test. If you have a calculator, please bring it to take the test. Otherwise we do have scientific calculators you may borrow.

  • To place in (at least) Math Placement Group 2, you will need to earn at least 80% on the prealgebra section.
  • To place in (at least) Math Placement Group 3, pass the prealgebra section (see above) and at least 60% on the algebra section.
  • To place in Math Placement Group 4 you will need to:
    • have completed four years of high school math, including a Precalculus or equivalent course
    • pass the prealgebra section (see above)
    • earn at least 70% on the algebra section
    • earn at least 60% on the precalculus section.

Students who are planning to major in Math, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, or Secondary Ed/Math will find it advantageous to test into Math Placement Group 4.

Students may only retake the Math Placement Test once during their first term at Augsburg University and no sooner than 30 days since the last time that student took the exam. Students who want to request a retake of the math placement outside of the above parameters should submit a Math Placement Petition form to Academic Advising.


Suggested Resources for Math Review

Students with disabilities may request accommodations for placement tests through the Augsburg CLASS/Disability Resources office. To request accommodations, call 612-330-1053 or email