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Writing Placements

First-year students are placed in ENL101: Effective Writing I or ENL111: Effective Writing II, which is determined by high school English grades. However, we understand that grades do not always reflect a student’s ability. If you were placed in Effective Writing I, but feel that Effective Writing II is a better fit for you, you can take a writing placement test. Transfer students are automatically placed into ENL111: Effective Writing II. All students must take Effective Writing II unless they transfer in the college level equivalent via coursework or placement by official exam.

Register for Writing Placement Exam

Placement Test Instructions

  1. Log into Inside Augsburg
  2. Click on “Moodle” in the left menu
  3. Click on “All Courses” in the top menu → select “Courses 2021-23”
  4. Click on “Writing Placement Test”
  5. Complete the Questionnaire and Academic Honesty Statement
    • These are both required before starting the placement exam
  6. Select “begin the test”


How long do I have to complete the writing placement test?
You will have one hour to complete the placement test.
Students with disabilities may request accommodations for placement tests through the Augsburg CLASS/Disability Resources office. To request accommodations, call 612-330-1053 or email

How is the placement test structured?
You will write an essay in response to a prompt. The prompt will be randomly assigned from a collection of prompts written by Augsburg’s English Department.

How can I prepare for the placement test?
We recommend reviewing the basic structure and requirements of an essay with videos and resources, such as this resource with tips for writing an essay.
(Please note that although this video discusses using and citing outside sources, you are not required to use outside sources in this writing placement test).