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What is Navigate?

Navigate is EAB’s (formerly the Education Advisory Board) student success software that guides students through the Augsburg experience. It allows staff and faculty to fully support a student by creating a coordinated care network.

Note: We recommend you use Firefox for your web browser while using Navigate for screen readers.


What can staff and faculty do on Navigate?

  • Communicate with students to help support them.
  • Submit alerts/referrals, so the appropriate support can reach out to the student.
  • Submit progress reports so your students can receive timely feedback and support they need.
  • Reach out to students that are at-risk for struggling to reach their goals.

What is the difference between a progress report and an alert?

Student support staff, professors, and faculty mentors can issue an alert on a specific student based on their interactions with the student in order to raise a flag to student needs and/or prompt a referral with another department. 

You want to use progress reports where students can see the comments for course-based feedback.

Can a student see my comments or recommendations on alerts & progress reports?

Students cannot see the comments on alerts/referrals. However they do see your recommendations on progress reports.

How often should I submit a progress report?

You will receive an email prompting you to submit progress reports at midterm. You may also receive a request for different populations at different times (example: probation and first-year students during week 5). You can also send a progress report at anytime.

Can my department start scheduling appointments in Navigate?

Yes, thought it will take some set up. Please submit this form to start the process.

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