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Language Placements

Students must complete two semesters of modern language study as part of the Core Curriculum requirements, but if a student demonstrates a language skill comparable to beginning language I & II – the modern language requirement will be fulfilled.

Students with disabilities may request accommodations for placement tests through the Augsburg CLASS/Disability Resources office. To request accommodations, call 612-330-1053 or email

French, German or Spanish

Request Placement Test


  • This placement test does not award credit.
  • Retaking the test to get a better score is NOT allowed.
  • Preparing for the French, German or Spanish Placement Test:
    • Set up a (free) account and practice for several days
    • Give yourself adequate time for the test: ideally 45 minutes.
    • Be aware the test uses a progressive format, with questions that get harder as you go along.

Other Languages

Language Testing International (LTI)

Schedule Language Test

  • The LTI is a test that can award credit in over 90 languages.
    • LTI Languages – Options include speaking, writing, listening and/or reading. You can select which type of testing option you prefer when registering, though many of the languages only have the speaking option.
  •  Depending on how you score on the language test, you could receive between 4-16 semester credits.  Note: you can only have a maximum of 32 credits by exam (including AP and CLEP).
  • Once your test has been completed, the Registrar’s Office will be notified and award credit, if applicable.
  • Augsburg will pay the cost for you to take the test once. However if you do not show up for appointment, you will be responsible for the $60 no-show fee.
  • You will need a computer/laptop with webcam for the proctoring.


Please contact the Languages and Cross-cultural Studies Department if you are interested in pursuing this option.

American Sign Language

The Language & Cross-Cultural Studies department offers an in-person department exam that will give you transcript credit for ASL 101 or 102. There is not a placement test for ASL. The fee is $100 per credit or $400 per course, which comes to $800 if you want transcript credit for both ASL 101 and 102. If your intention is simply to satisfy the Augsburg language requirement, you would need to take (and pass) only the test for 102 ($400). Please contact the Languages and Cross-cultural Studies Department chair if you are interested in pursuing this option.

Language Waivers


For languages where tests are unavailable, follow the steps below.

NOTE: These steps are for designed to satisfy the Core Curriculum’s Modern Language I & II requirements only. International Business majors should consult their faculty mentor for guidance on major-specific language requirements.

  1. Identify a reviewer for your language and obtain approval from the LCS Department Chair.
    • Potential reviewers may include, but are not limited to:
      • A leader of a local community organization such as a cultural institute, church, etc.; or
      • A leader of a professional organization such as a business, or governmental organization; or
      • A university professor that offers this language at their campus and can verify your language skills; or
      • A consulate/embassy.
      • Student organizations and family members are NOT valid sources for obtaining this verification.
  2. Record a 4-5 minute video in your non-English language that explains your experiences learning and connecting to that language and culture and how it ties you into the global community. State your full name, Augsburg ID#, and the date of the recording in your video.
  3. Share the video with the identified reviewer and request written documentation (on letterhead, or via email) from that reviewer (acting as a professional resource) explaining how you are proficient in that language. The letter must be in English or accompanied by a translation.
    • The reviewer must be a native speaker of the language.
    • The reviewer must explain in the letter how they are qualified to assess your language skills.
    • The reviewer must comment on the following:
      • Grammar (poor; fair; good);
      • Vocabulary (poor; fair; good);
      • Comprehensibility/Pronunciation/Fluency (poor, fair; good); and
      • Quantity and Quality of Communication (poor; fair; good).
  4. Include your FULL NAME, your Augsburg ID# and the date on ALL documentation and correspondence. The video and reviewer response must be turned in together to: Department Chair, Languages and Cross-Cultural Studies. The Department Chair will then forward all verified documentation with a decision to grant the waiver or not to the Registrar to be included in the student’s record.

International Students

If you graduated from a high school abroad in which all instruction was in a language other than English (international schools with curricula in English do not count), your high school experience may demonstrate the proficiency necessary to exempt you from the Augsburg language requirement. To request an exemption through this option, you must provide a certified copy of your high school transcript, with an official translation into English, to the chair of the Languages Department.
If you have taken the TOEFL or IELTS, make sure that your scores have been submitted to Augsburg. The requirement will be waived.

Minnesota bilingual and multilingual seals and world languages proficiency credits

Augsburg will award college credit to students with the Minnesota bilingual and multilingual language proficiency certificates. These certificates are awarded to graduating Minnesota high school students who demonstrate the required level of language proficiency in a language other than English. Students are required to submit an official high school transcript showing both that the seal or certificate has been awarded, and the language and level it has been awarded for.
MN Department of Education World Languages Information
Seals and Augsburg Equivalencies

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Offered to all students at testing centers worldwide.
CLEP Tests and Augsburg Equivalencies
Request Your CLEP Transcript
Locate A CLEP Testing Center
Additional information including test guides and study resources is available from College Board.


Can I retake any of the placement tests?
You are not allowed to retake the Spanish, French, or German Placement Test. You can retake the LTI test, however, you are responsible for the full cost of the second test, as Augsburg only covers the cost for one test per student.

Can I take a placement test for the same language that I have already completed college level coursework for?
No, students can’t take our placement test for languages that they have already started at the college level.