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About Us

The Deidre Middleton Office of Academic Advising was dedicated on October 20, 2013.

Deidre (Durand) Middleton graduated from Augsburg in 1988 with a BA in Communication Studies.  Her daughter Alison graduated from Augsburg that same year.  Middleton grew up in Crystal, Minn., and graduated from Robbinsdale High School.

While pursuing her BA in Communication Studies from the Weekend College program, Middleton continued working for School District 281 as a paraprofessional, and raised her family.  After graduation in 1988, she joined Augsburg’s Weekend College staff as an academic advisor and continued advising Augsburg students in all programs until her retirement in 2001.  She is remembered for her personal commitment to each of her advisees, helping them to discover their gifts and talents and guiding them to achieve success while at Augsburg.  After a long battle with cancer, Deidre passed away on November 24, 2012.

Through generous gifts from her husband of 52 years, Bruce Middleton, and her mother-in-law, Edith Middleton, the Academic Advising Office was named in honor of Deidre’s love for Augsburg and her 14 years of exceptional service to Augsburg students.

How We Work

The advisors in Academic Advising are professionals trained to work with students who are new to the university and current students who have questions about the general education requirements and interpretation of the academic procedures and policies of the university. Academic Advising also provides comprehensive academic support for all Augsburg students.

Faculty advisors are full time members of specific academic departments who have been at the university at least a full year and have been trained by Academic Advising on advising Augsburg students. Faculty advisors usually work with somewhere between 20–25 advisees majoring in the department. They specialize in advising in their field (English, Biology, Social Work, etc.) but are also trained to advise students on General Education issues.