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Deidre Middleton Office of Academic Advising

Academic Advising (AA) educates students, faculty, and staff on the Augsburg curriculum; interprets academic policies and procedures; and supports students in achieving their educational and vocational goals. Academic Advising is grounded in Augsburg’s mission: we focus on the liberal arts, faith and reason, civic engagement, and intentional diversity. We believe that in additional to our connection with these principles, we also play an important role in nurturing future leaders.

Frequently ASked questions

Academic Advisors

How do I schedule an appointment with my academic advisor?

You can make an appointment online or call 612.330.1025

What is the difference between my faculty advisor and my academic advisor?

I am required to meet with my faculty advisor before registration for the following term. This relationship is very important because my faculty advisor will serve as a mentor to me in major. We will discuss how I can complete my degree, career plans, or graduate/professional school opportunities.

I am not required to meet with my academic advisor, however they are there to help me navigate my education here at Augsburg. They can help me help with long term academic planning and referrals to other supports on campus.

To find the name of my faculty and academic advisor, log into AugNet Services, click on Records & Registration, and click on Student Info.

How do I change my faculty advisor?

You choose a faculty advisor from your declared major, and submit a Change of Advisor form with the new advisor’s signature.

I want to go to a healthcare professional program after graduation – who should I talk to for information?

You can always discuss this with your faculty or academic advisor, they may be able to advise on this experience with students. However, it is very important that you connect with URGO’s Health Professions Specialist and start exploring the Pre-Health Science Advising. Academic Advising has a list of typical prerequisite for our most common healthcare programs.



Academic Support

Can I request a tutor?

Yes, we have free tutoring and supplemental instruction for many Augsburg classes.

What does it mean to be on SAP probation?

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is the policy set forth by the University to ensure students are making progress towards their degree.


Graduation Requirements

How many credits do I need to graduate

128 credits – this includes your Core curriculum, majors/minors, and possibly electives.

Where do I find out what requirements I have left to complete?

You can find your official Graduation Audit on the Degree Progress tab of AugNet Service’s Records & Registration.

Where can I find my major or minor requirements since it isn’t listed on my Graduation Audit.

You can find a PDF major or minor checklist on the Registrar’s website.

How and when do I choose a major?

If you’re exploring majors, you can contact the Strommen Center to learn about Major & Career Exploration.

If you know your major, please update your major in “Students Info/Contact” under “Records and Registration”.



What’s the difference between a drop and a withdrawal?

Drop: A course is dropped from your active courses – it never appears on your transcript and is not applied to your credit total for financial aid.

Withdraw:  A course is given a grade of W (withdrawn) when you withdraw after the drop deadline and before the last day to withdraw. Withdrawals negatively impact credit completion rate but do not negatively impact the grade point average.

See the drop or withdraw deadlines in the Academic Calendar or look in Records & Registration’s Active Courses.

When do I register for classes?

You can locate your next Registration Date & Time on the Welcome Page tab of AugNet Service’s Records & Registration.

Where can I find my grades?

You can locate your official final grades (not on Moodle!) on the Grades/Unofficial Transcripts tab of AugNet Service’s Records & Registration.

How do I request a transcripts?

Official: You can request an official transcript on the Official Transcript Request tab of AugNet Service’s Records & Registration.

Unofficial: You can print out an unofficial transcript on the Grades/Unofficial Transcripts tab of AugNet Service’s Records & Registration.

What planning tools can I use to prepare for my registration?

Weekly Course Planner (PDF)

Long Term Planner (PDF)

Placement Tests

Can I retake any of the placement tests?

Math: You are allowed to retake the math placement test one time. The retake must be completed in your first term at Augsburg. You can schedule the retake by calling 612.330.1025 or stopping by the Gage Center desk. If you are requesting to retake the math placement test for a second time or after your first term at Augsburg, you must submit a math placement petition form. Here are practice questions for the math placement test.

Writing: You are not allowed to retake the writing placement test. If you have questions about your score, contact the English department chair: Robert Cowgill.

Language: Discuss this with your academic advisor.

How do I schedule to take a language test for a language not offered at Augsburg?

Here is a list of available languages tests. For directions on how to sign up to take a test – email with your name and language.