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Policy FAQs

All policy related information can be found in the Academic Catalogs. Some policies change between academic years, so make sure you always reference the academic catalog for the year you started at Augsburg.

Grading Style Changes: Pass/Low Pass/No Pass

Traditional style grading refers to the letter grades (A, B, C, D, & F) that are factored into your GPA (0.0 – 4.0). In some cases, students may want to switch their grading style for a particular course to pass/low pass/no pass (P/LP/N) in order to have its grade not factored into their GPA.

  • Grading style changes can be made up to a week after grades are due in Records & Registration’s My Classes. (If you miss the deadline or want to switch the grading style for previous semester grades, you will need to submit a petition).
  • If the final grade was a D- or above, you will still earn credit for the course, but your GPA will not be impacted if the grading style is changed to P/LP/N.
  • Certain courses have restrictions and are offered on one grading system only (e.g. Augsburg Seminars, Wellness courses, etc).
  • Some general education and major/minor requirements may require a minimum grade to satisfy a requirement, regardless of the grading style you use.

Implications of P/LP/N

In order to receive a grade of P, a student must achieve at least a grade of C-. An LP grade requires achievement of at least a D-.

  • The maximum number of credits with P or LP grades that may be applied to graduation is 24 credits.
  • Students may apply no more than eight credits with P or LP grades toward a major and no more than four credits with a P or LP grade toward a minor unless otherwise specified by an academic department.
  • Some graduate and professional schools do not look favorably on a large number of P-graded courses, or rank each as a C.

Visit the Registrar’s website for more information about grading.

Drop vs Withdraw


During the first week of classes, all students are able to add/drop courses. No fees will be posted to students’ accounts during this time and nothing will be added to transcripts. Any student who wishes to not attend a class after the add/drop deadline can petition for a “late drop,” or withdraw from the class. All deadlines are listed in the academic calendar.

  • If an instructor reports a student as “Non-Attending/Non-Participating” during the first couple weeks of the semester, the student is sent an alert with a deadline to respond regarding their plans for the course.
  • If a student does not respond by the deadline, they are automatically dropped from the course and may be billed a fee.
  • Students’ financial aid may also be impacted depending on the resulting credit amount. Credit amount is closely tied to financial aid, so if being dropped from the course puts a student below a certain credit amount, it could change their status and eligibility for certain aid.


A course is given a grade of W (withdrawn) when it is dropped after the deadline for dropping classes without a W grade and before the last day to withdraw. Withdrawals negatively impact credit completion rate, but do not negatively impact the GPA. Any students who withdraw from a class will receive a W on their transcript. All deadlines are listed in the academic calendar.

Leave of Absence vs Withdrawal from the University

Leave of Absence

Students in the Day Program may apply for a Leave of Absence (LOA) for one semester by filling out the LOA form. The LOA allows continued access to Augsburg email and Inside Augsburg services. If a student on a LOA does not register for the subsequent semester, their file will be deactivated and they must submit an Application for Readmission to re-enroll. The deadline to file a LOA form is the end of the drop/add period at the start of each semester.
Note: A Leave of Absence may impact a student’s graduation timeline due to course offerings, major sequencing, etc.

Withdrawal from the University

If students plan to withdraw from Augsburg for more than one semester or indefinitely, they will need to submit the Withdrawal from University form. The form can be submitted at any time before the semester starts. However, during the semester, students are urged not to abandon courses because this will result in potentially failing grades on their official academic record. The deadline to file for Withdrawal from the University during the semester is listed in the Academic Calendar (about 3-4 weeks before the end of the semester).

  • Withdrawal from University and any consequential adjustments in accounts are effective as of the date the Withdrawal from University form is submitted.
  • Students need to check in with Student Financial Services as part of their departure from Augsburg.
  • If a student is withdrawn from Augsburg for more than 10 semesters (including summer), they will be subject to the requirements of the academic catalog for the year in which they return. (This means some academic requirements and policies could change).
  • Withdrawing from Augsburg may impact a student’s graduation timeline due to course offerings, major sequencing, etc.
  • Students are responsible for keeping the Registrar’s Office informed of their current mailing address while away.
  • To be readmitted to the University, students must submit the Application for Readmission form.