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Transfer Credit Evaluation

This page is primarily intended for prospective students.


Official evaluation

An official evaluation of transfer credits is completed by the Registrar’s Office after a student’s acceptance into Augsburg. The official evaluation is based on a student’s official transcript(s) and Augsburg’s transfer credit policy. The evaluation, along with the degree audit showing the student’s progress toward graduation, will be accessible at Inside Augsburg > Records & Registration > Degree Progress.

Unofficial evaluation

Unofficial evaluation of transfer credits can be done by anyone, using a powerful website called Transferology. Transferology accesses the same transfer rules used by the Registrar’s Office in completing official evaluations. As long as the Augsburg Registrar’s Office has evaluated the transfer course and created a transfer rule in its degree audit/articulation software, anyone can access the rule. Students can access transfer equivalencies for courses from universities throughout the country. If desired, they can reach out to admissions offices directly through Transferology; otherwise, they can remain anonymous and simply use the website to compare transfer equivalencies at various universities.

Preparation Steps:

  1. Gather all of your unofficial transcripts from regionally* accredited universities, including those from exams accepted by Augsburg.
  2. Cross off all courses that will not transfer in per Augsburg’s Transfer Credit Policy.
    • Courses having a grade of W or less than a C-.
    • Technical and remedial courses (e.g. Introduction to Welding, Pre-algebra)
  3. Cross off all exams that do not meet the minimum score displayed on Augsburg’s Credit by Exam transfer guides.

*Most institutions are regionally accredited.

Calculation of Transfer Credits:

  1. Download or print the Transfer Credits Calculation Worksheet.
  2. If you took any exams accepted by Augsburg, access Augsburg’s Credit by Exam transfer guides.
  3. Complete the steps on the Transfer Credits Calculation Worksheet to determine the unofficial number of transfer credits (semester credits) that Augsburg will award you.

Transferology Steps:

Download (or access on a second device) the Unofficial Evaluation Step-by-Step Instructions.

Log in to Transferology

Instruction Summary: On the “Will My Courses Transfer?” tab, enter (or import) your successfully completed coursework from all institutions. Enter exams that you have passed. If desired, you can also enter in-progress and planned coursework. Use various “match” buttons to query for and select Augsburg as the transfer school.

Result: A report showing the Augsburg equivalencies for passed exams and for any successfully completed, in-progress, and planned coursework.


  • Print the unofficial evaluation (course equivalencies) or save by selecting “Print to PDF.”
  • Run an unofficial degree progress report (degree audit) before leaving the unofficial evaluation page.
  • Keep your unofficial university transcripts and exam transcripts.