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Degree Audit

The Registrar’s Office is excited to announce that we now have a degree audit system! uAchieve allows students, faculty, and staff to run a dynamic report (called a degree audit) to see what requirements students have completed and what requirements students still need to meet to earn their degree. Each degree audit is student-specific and reflects the student’s degree, program(s) or major(s), concentration(s), track(s), minor(s), Augsburg coursework, transfer work, and/or exceptions.

Training Videos

We recommend watching the uAchieve training videos in the following order:

Accessing uAchieve – 1.28 minutes

Running Degree Audits – 4.27 minutes

Understanding Bar Graphs – 3.93 minutes

Navigating a Degree Audit – 4.57 minutes

Understanding Degree Audits Part 1 – 10.97 minutes

Understanding Degree Audits Part 2 – 10.03 minutes

PDF Degree Audits – 3.96 minutes

Viewing Comments – 0.78 minutes

Viewing an Existing Audit – 1.47 minutes

other resources

Definitions – Requirements and Sub-requirements


If you have questions, contact your academic advisor, faculty mentor, or the Registrar’s Office graduation team (