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Non-Attendance/Non-Participation Reporting

General Information

In order for Augsburg University to be remain in compliance with state and federal financial aid regulations, faculty must:

  1. Submit a Non-Attendance/Non-Participation report during the mandatory reporting window for each class indicating students who did not attend or participate in their class at the beginning of the term.
  2. Report students who stop attending or participating in their class during the term through an Ad Hoc Alert or Mid-Term Progress Report anytime after the mandatory Non-Attendance/Non-Participation reporting period.

Instructors are not required to take and report attendance during the whole term, however the university must know which students start and finish.  Instructors can gauge attendance/participation through Census Day of the term by one or more of the following means: class attendance, Moodle activity, pre-class survey or online introduction, contact from the student, completed assignments, quizzes or exams, etc. Instructors are free to determine the best method for determining attendance/participation for their class(es).

Non-Attendance/Non-Participation Defined

  • Beginning of Term (student doesn’t start):
    • Non-Attendance/Non-Participation is defined as inactivity in the classroom setting during the drop/add period of the term and a failure to communicate with the instructor to explain that period of inactivity.
    • A student who engages in an academic-related activity is considered attending/participating and should not be reported.
    • Examples of academic-related participation include:
      • Attending an in-person class
      • Submitting online academic-related activity (simply logging into an online class does not count)
      • Taking an exam or submitting an assignment
  • End of Term (student starts but doesn’t finish):
    • Non-Attendance/Non-Participation is defined as a lack of activity in the classroom setting and a failure to communicate with the instructor to explain that period of inactivity.
    • Examples of inactivity may include: stopping in-person attendance at class, an absence of online participation or Moodle activity, and/or a failure to complete assignments, exams, etc

Reporting Non-Attendance/Non-Participation