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Crossover Registration


Undergraduate students who are enrolled in a home program (AU/DAY/ROCH) may register online for Fall and Spring Semester courses outside of their home program based on course availability and subject to the restrictions listed below by program. Crossover registration is possible as soon as registration availability opens for a student. Tuition for crossover classes is at the rate of a student’s home program.

DAY Program Students

  • Juniors and Seniors (based on earned credits) are permitted to crossover into AU courses without special permission.
  • Must pay┬áthe overload fee for any credits over 19 in their combined DAY/AU load each semester.

AU Program Students

  • Permitted to crossover into DAY courses.

ROCH Program Students

  • Permitted to register for AU courses.

Registration in Graduate Courses

Students must have completed an undergraduate degree and be admitted to a graduate program before taking graduate level courses from that program, with some exceptions. Undergraduate students enrolled in graduate courses will pay their undergraduate tuition rate for those courses. Any student enrolled in an Augsburg graduate level program wishing to take an undergraduate course will pay the tuition rate of the graduate program in which they are enrolled.