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Progress Toward Augsburg Degree

This page is primarily intended for prospective students.


You can use the website called Transferology to run an unofficial degree progress report that reflects your successfully completed coursework and passed exams. You can run this report (also known as a degree audit) for either your preferred Augsburg major or just the Augsburg general education requirements.

Preparation Steps:

Unless you have already done so, enter your successfully completed coursework and passed exams into Transferology, following the steps listed on the Transfer Credit Evaluation website page.

Transferology Steps:

Download (or access on a second device) the Degree Progress Report Step-by-Step Instructions.

Log in to Transferology

Instruction Summary: From the unofficial evaluation screen, you will click on the “Apply Courses to a Program button,” select either your preferred Augsburg major or “Undeclared/Undecided,” and then click on the Programs tab to access the link to your degree audit.

Result: Your degree audit, showing how your coursework and exams applied to your preferred Augsburg major and/or its general education requirements. The degree progress report will also show you the requirements still needing to be met and the course options for satisfying them.


  • Print the unofficial degree audit or save by selecting “Print to PDF.”
  • Use Transferology to research any home institution equivalent courses–general education or major.
  • To return to this degree audit in the future, navigate to the Programs tab.