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Transferring Credit

Hundreds of students transfer credits to Augsburg University every year to fulfill general education requirements, major requirements, and electives as they work toward graduation.  Whether you are a prospective student, current student, or haven’t been at Augsburg in a while, the information on this page and in the Related Links section should help you navigate the process of transferring credit to Augsburg.

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Transfer Credit Policy

For all transfer-related policies, including residency, please refer to the Undergraduate Catalog.

Evaluation of transfer credits is completed by the Registrar’s Office and is based on a student’s official transcript(s). See below for the definition of “official transcript.”

Credit is granted for college-level coursework completed at regionally accredited institutions and Exchange or Affiliate programs approved by the Augsburg University Center for Global Education and Experience. Only courses with a U.S. grade equivalency of C- or better are transferable. The number of credits transferred for a course will equal the number of U.S. semester credits earned for the course at the other institution. Courses that may be developmental, professional, or occupational in nature are evaluated by request on a course-by-course basis in collaboration with faculty from corresponding or similar departments. Augsburg does not grant credit for continuing education units (CEUs). Competency credits and exam credits issued by another institution will be evaluated on an individual basis by request.

The Registrar’s Office evaluates coursework for credit and for applicability toward Augsburg Core Curriculum requirements. Academic departments are responsible for evaluating the applicability of coursework toward a student’s major or minor. The University requires that certain courses and a minimum number of credits be taken at Augsburg. Refer to the Residence Requirements section of the catalog.

Courses and credits that are accepted in transfer are reported on the student’s transcript. Grades and grade points from other institutions are not transferred to Augsburg and are not included in the student’s cumulative grade point average.

Definition of “Official Transcript”

Official transcripts are marked with institutional security features, date, and appropriate signature. Augsburg University accepts official transcripts directly from another institution’s Office of the Registrar or a secure authenticated designated party. The transcript must arrive at Augsburg University in an envelope sealed by the issuing institution or via an encrypted electronic method (adapted from AACRAO, 2018).