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Graduation Checklist


Advising and planning for graduation occurs throughout a student’s program. Advisors and students are welcome to use the graduation checklist to track requirement plans and completion at any time during their college experience; however, they should not file the Intent to Graduate paperwork with the Registrar’s Office sooner than twelve months before the planned final semester. They also should not file the Intent to Graduate paperwork any later than mid-March of the desired commencement year. Paperwork submitted later than mid-March may not be processed in time for inclusion in that year’s commencement ceremony.

To begin the graduation application process, follow the steps below.

Submit Intent to Graduate Packet

The Intent to Graduate packet must be submitted within the time frame stated in the previous section. The Intent to Graduate Packet is your official degree audit—a document listing your final major, minor, and Core Curriculum requirements. Please complete these documents accurately.

The documents can be completed remotely. They do not require printing or physical/in-person signatures, but we do still require a virtual signature. This can either be done by writing with a pen tool through a program such as Adobe Reader, or we will accept “signature” emails from the Augsburg account of advisors/students. For example, an advisor can send an email to saying, “Please accept this email in lieu of a signature on the major checklist for my advisee, Ima Auggie.” Or, a student can forward us an email from their advisor that says they approve of the accuracy of the major checklist.

A Complete Intent to Graduate packet will include:

  • Major Checklist — Coordinate efforts with your advisor to fill in the checklist. Document completed requirements (semester and final grade) and remaining requirements (courses and semesters). An academic advisor can sign Major checklists unless a waiver, substitution, or exception is made, in which case a faculty advisor must not only electronically sign the Major checklist but also initial each waiver, substitution, and exception. As stated above, if Adobe Reader cannot be used, emails of approval from Augsburg accounts will be accepted as signatures and initials.
  • Minor Checklist — If applicable — Document completed requirements (semester and final grade) and remaining requirements (courses and semesters). Minor checklists only require a faculty electronic signature if a waiver, substitution, or exception is made, in which case their initials are needed beside each waiver, substitution, and exception. Again, if Adobe Reader is not available, the faculty advisor can state specific approvals via their Augsburg email account.
  • Graduation Audit — Download your graduation audit from the “Degree Progress” section of Records and Registration. In the email that you send from your Augsburg account regarding your Intent to Graduate Packet, state your plan for completing each remaining core curriculum requirement.

Attach all of the above documents (known as an Intent to Graduate packet) to an Augsburg email. Send the email to

Review Intent to Graduate Packet

Once you submit the Intent to Graduate packet to the Registrar’s Office, an audit will be done of your record. This is usually completed within two weeks. The Registrar’s Office will post the completed form to your Augnet account under Records and Registration, and you will receive an email letting you know when it is available. Once you receive the email, go to Records and Registration and click on “Degree Progress.” Review the document, noting any questions or comments made by the graduation team.

Your approved Intent to Graduate Packet is your roadmap for finishing your degree, so refer to it as needed during registration. If you need to revise your plan, make sure you are working with an advisor and notifying if the revision is significant (adding or dropping a major or minor, deferring your final semester, etc).

Monitor Degree Progress and Send Notification of Plan Changes

Periodically review your Intent to Graduate Packet and other records in Inside Augsburg’s Records and Registration:

  • In “Degree Progress,” print your Intent to Graduate packet.
  • Review your packet while referencing the “Grades/Unofficial Transcript” tab in Augnet. Fill in grades for the courses/requirements that have been completed since submitting your Intent to Graduate packet. Pay special attention to the areas listed below.  If any of the information below is incorrect or has changed, you must notify as soon as possible to prevent delays to your graduation. If you are making changes that do not have a significant impact on your completion plans (taking a course in Fall instead of Spring, changing from one elective option to another listed option), you do not need to notify the Registrar’s Office. When in doubt, send an email.
    • Name to be Printed on Diploma. 
    • Degree(s), major(s), and minor(s). If you are adding a major or minor, you must submit new signed checklist(s) to the Registrar’s Office. Remember that any substitutions also require faculty initials or email documentation.
    • Planned Grad Term. Are you on track for completing the remaining requirements by the Planned Grad Term indicated?
    • Commencement Ceremony Year. Note that you can participate in a ceremony as long as you are within 12 credits/3 requirements of completing your degree and the degree will be earned by the end of the following Fall semester (December).
    • Additional course substitutions, waivers, or exceptions. Your faculty advisor must send an email to approving any new substitutions, waivers, or exceptions.
    • Additional transfer/exam coursework. If you are planning to complete additional courses by transfer or exam, notify the Registrar’s Office of the details (e.g. course code, semester, transfer institution, exam name). Be aware of the senior residency requirement.
  • In “Degree Progress,” review your Graduation Audit.
    • Will you have completed all core requirements by your Planned Grad Term? If not, notify of your new Planned Grad Term and Commencement Ceremony Year (if applicable).
    • Will your GPA be at least 2.0 at the completion of all graduation requirements? If it will not reach 2.0, you will need to retake course(s) to raise your GPA.
    • Will the total credits you have earned from Pass/Low Pass credits be 24 or less? (Do not deduct the Pass/Low Pass credits earned in Spring 2020. This has already been done and is reflected on the Graduation Audit.)
  • In “Grades/Unofficial Transcript,” consider these questions:
    • Will you have at least 128 credits at the end of your Planned Grad Term? If not, send a notification to of your new Planned Grad Term and your plans for reaching 128 credits. If you will not complete your graduation requirements by the end of December of your Commencement Ceremony Year, you need to defer commencement one year.
    • Will the Pass/Low Pass credits you have earned for your Major classes be 8 unless unless otherwise specified in the catalog? Exception: credits earned in Spring 2020
    • Will the Pass/Low Pass credits you have earned for your Minor classes be 4 unless unless otherwise specified in the catalog? Exception: credits earned in Spring 2020
    • Is all completed transfer work accounted for? If there is transfer work that you have not yet sent to Augsburg – including summer classes or PSEO, AP, or CIS coursework – submit it now, following the instructions under Sending Transcripts to Augsburg and Credit by Exam.
  • In “Student Info/Contacts,” verify your information.
    • Is your name correct? If not, submit the Name/Demographic/Address Change Form with documentation.
    • Are your major(s) and minor(s) correct? If not, send a notification of the changes to If you are adding a major or minor, attach the approved and signed checklist.
    • Is everything under “General” correct? Pay special attention to your address and contact details to ensure you receive your diploma and that Augsburg can contact you with any important information.

Check Graduation Workshop

During your last semester, you’ll be added to the “Graduation Workshop” in the “My Courses” section of Inside Augsburg. This online workshop has important information and items you will need to complete before graduating, like exit loan counseling, migrating your email information, and connecting with the Alumni Association.

Participate in Commencement – Virtual ceremony in 2020 and In-Person Ceremony Later

Graduation (degree conferral) is what happens when you have completed all requirements and receive your degree. Commencement is a ceremony for students to celebrate their academic achievement with friends and family. Participation in commencement does not automatically mean that a student has graduated; students are allowed to participate in the commencement ceremony if they are within 12 credits/3 requirements of graduation at the time of commencement and will finish those requirements within the calendar year.

Commencement is held at the end of each Spring semester. In 2020 we will do a virtual ceremony on May 29 and 31 to celebrate and mark this moment for our graduating students and their families. When it’s safe to have large gatherings, we will also have a traditional in-person commencement ceremony for the class of 2020 and their family and friends. Students may participate in both ceremonies. Additional information will be updated on our commencement website as details about both ceremonies become available.

Students who ordered caps and gowns who do not wish to use it for either ceremony may request a refund from the provider, Herff Jones. See Herff Jones’ Collegiate Regalia Returns & Refunds page for information about how to get a refund.

Diplomas and Transcripts

Once grades are submitted, we will review your record for graduation.

If we determine that you have not met all graduation requirements, we will send a list of the remaining requirements to your Augsburg email account after we have completed the graduation review process for all graduation candidates.

If all graduation requirements have been met, we will award your degree and change your status to “Graduated.” You will receive an email notification of your graduation the next morning. If you are ordering final transcripts, please wait until you receive this notification to prevent needing to order and pay for the final transcript a second time. 

The degree date printed on your diploma and transcript will be whichever degree date of twelve is closest to the completion of your final requirements. Augsburg has one degree date per month.

Diplomas will be mailed out to everyone having a status of “Graduated” within eight weeks of the completion of your requirements. The diploma packet will include two transcripts: an unofficial transcript for your records and an official transcript in a sealed envelope. 

Please make sure your mailing address is correct in Records and Registration and that all financial obligations and exit loan counseling requirements are met so that you will receive your diploma in a timely manner.

Stay an Auggie!

As a graduate of Augsburg University you will receive invitations to alumni events, the Augsburg NOW, and a monthly e-Newsletter to keep you informed of events at the University and updates on former classmates. To ensure you receive these things, please keep your contact information up-to-date. To update your contact information or submit your news, visit the Alumni Office or email