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May 8, 2024
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2024 Augsburg University Commencement

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May 8, 2024


6 p.m. Central


Target Center
600 N 1st Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403

Student in regalia celebrating Commencement

Dressed for the occasion

Augsburg's in-person commencement ceremonies require that graduates wear academic regalia. Review program-specific regalia details, ordering deadlines, and other information for graduates.


What’s the difference between graduation and commencement?

To clearly understand your action steps for commencement, it is important to note that the words “commencement” and “graduation” are not synonymous. Graduation happens the day that the Registrar’s Office confirms that all of your degree requirements have been satisfied and changes your status to “graduated” in the student information system. This “degree awarded” date will also be the date used on your official transcript.

Commencement happens in May 2024, and celebrates the past or future awarding of your degree. At the start of the spring semester, you will be asked to indicate your intent to participate in the ceremony and to request your tickets. Additional details about the commencement ceremony and related activities will be sent to your Augsburg-issued email address in the spring semester.

When can I get tickets for my guests?

Students will be able to start ordering tickets mid-February 2024.

All eligible graduates will receive an email with information about registering to participate and accessing their tickets in their Augsburg-issued email prior to the access date. This email will include all important details regarding the date and time that tickets will be available, as well as all required log-in information. Please note that while the site may be accessible prior to the date tickets officially become available, if you attempt to request tickets prior to the start of ticket distribution, you will receive a message indicating you are not eligible for the ceremony. Your status will change once ticket distribution officially begins. 

How many tickets can I order?

The total number of tickets allowed per graduate is 15 plus 1 graduate ticket for a total of 16 tickets. You will be able to access the total number you need as soon as the ticketing system becomes available. Please only take the tickets that you need. If you don’t take all 16 tickets the first time, you will be able to go back into the system later and reserve the remaining amount if needed.

How do I indicate which of guest(s) need accessibility seating/accommodations?

To request accessible seating or any other accommodations, please fill out the follow-up questions on the checkout page (when you are ordering your tickets) and fill out the Accessibility Form. If you have questions about the physical access provided, please email before the event.

Where do I order my cap and gown?

To participate in the ceremony, you will need a cap and gown. Students may purchase their regalia at the bookstore.

More information about regalia can be found at or you can contact the bookstore at or 612-359-6491.

How do I know if I am graduating with Latin Honors?

The Latin Honor conferred upon completion of the bachelor’s degree will be determined by the final cumulative GPA. Information about Latin Honors can be found on the Graduation website.

Is this anything I need to do if I am graduating in December 2023?

Yes! Approximately one month after your degree is awarded, you will begin receiving a weekly email in your Augsburg email account warning you of when your account will be disabled and advising you of your options. If you intend to participate in the upcoming Spring 2024 Commencement ceremony, please choose the "Hold" option so that your account is kept active for another few months. Otherwise, you will likely run into issues with acquiring Commencement tickets from the Commencement ticketing system.

Will a live webcast of the ceremony be available?

Yes, we will make the full ceremony available via live webcast on the University's YouTube channel. A link to the webcast will be available at on the day of the event.

What size bags can we bring into the Target Center?

Target Center has a strict bag policy. Permitted items include bags that are no larger than 5” x 9", diaper bags, and medical bags (subject to search upon entry). Visit Target Center's website for more information on what to know before going to the Target Center.

Can guest bring balloons into the Target Center?

No, balloons are not allowed into the Target Center. Please make sure to communicate with your guests that balloons are not allowed.

Can my guests come down to the floor/court after the ceremony ends?

No, guests are not allowed on the floor/court. Graduates should plan accordingly with their guests on where to meet them after the ceremony.

Helpful Documents

Commencement Toolkit  |  Commencement Day of Instructions for Graduates  |  Photo Opportunities around Campus

Contact Us

If you have general questions about the commencement ceremony or other upcoming celebrations, email If you have questions related to your eligibility for the ceremony or the completion of your degree, email On overview of ceremony eligibility and deadline information is posted online.