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Forensics - Fine Arts Scholarship

The Forensics Scholarship recognizes incoming students who have excelled in contest speech activities and who plan to actively participate in the forensics program at Augsburg. This renewable reward of $3,000 per year is based on an on-campus audition or presentation. Applicants need not major in communication studies.

Recipients of the forensics scholarship must:

  • Submit interest for the scholarship in the Augsburg University Application
  • Finalist audition

Amount: $3,000/year

Application Deadline: Admitted first year students who have a complete application (including required supplemental material) by January 14, 2019 will be invited to complete a theater audition.  Auditions must be completed by March 15, 2019. The Admission Office will connect with students once they are admitted to complete the Fine Arts Scholarship process.

If you are a TRANSFER STUDENT who would like to apply upon your admission to Augsburg University, you can do so by contacting your Transfer Admissions Counselor. Final deadline for Transfer students to apply for the Fine Arts Scholarship is August 1, 2019.

In order to interview for a Forensics Scholarship, you must first be admitted to Augsburg University and plan to be a full-time student seeking your first bachelor’s degree. Students currently enrolled at Augsburg University may not apply. Scholarship recipients need not major in communications studies, but must participate in speech team, including a minimum of six speech meets. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE CONTACT NICOLE BORWEGE AT 612-330-1585 or


Prepare a monologue that illustrates your ability as a speaker, ideally 6-8 minutes in length. Students are encouraged to present speeches they are currently preparing for competition or have performed in the past.  Also required is a list of any events that you have participated in, including number of rounds of competition and any awards that you received.