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February 25 – MArch 7, 2019

Gallery 720, Christensen Center



Tyler Hall is a graphic designer and photographer from Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. He is a student at Augsburg University studying graphic design. He has learned photography himself and has been practicing for almost 10 years.

Artist Statement

In this series of collages I explore the idea of change over time. I use photos of significant places that hold value to my childhood as the base of these collages. I began visiting and photographing these places and extracting things from them in Photoshop. All other images are stock photos that were found on the internet. These places have changed and look much different now; the collages are set up as a comparison between the look of these spaces then versus now. The associations of these significant places are represented by portraits, colors and objects from my memories. These things are placed in my “then” side of my collages. To represent the “now” side, which for me is emptier and less dynamic, I’ve edited the photos to look aged. This series is a nostalgic experience that explores how things change over time and the memories we hold onto from our pasts.