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Twenty Years of Academic Exchange

Exciting news out of our Cuernavaca, Mexico location! We have just celebrated a 20-year academic exchange with National Autonomous University of Mexico (“UNAM”), a top institution in Mexico. The following post and photos have been submitted by Antonio Ortega, CGEE Mexico Professor and Program Coordinator.

On Friday, April 21 we [CGEE Mexico] celebrated 20 years of an academic relationship between Augsburg/CGEE and UNAM/ ENTS (Escuela Nacional de Trabajo Social). UNAM has been in the list of Top 100 universities in the world for many years and their National School of Social Work among the best in Latin America. As a commitment to our further collaboration, we also signed another agreement for 4 additional years. This agreement was signed on behalf of CGEE Augsburg by our Mexico Site Director Dr. Ann Lutterman-Aguilar and on behalf of the UNAM by their National School of Social Work Director Carmen Casas Ratia.

At least 150 of our U.S. students have benefited from these exchanges as well as at least 150 Mexican students. Although its main purpose is academic, our students have found much joy and meaning in both the intellectual and social exchanges with peers and future Social Work colleagues. So many people have made this possible in both institutions over these two decades and we are grateful to all of them. We hope we can expand to more activities in the future like attending conferences, sharing research, and other kinds of collaboration.

Social Work students can complete the semester program with us, “Social Work in a Latin American Context” in the spring semester and enjoy this exchange first-hand!


Augsburg CGEE’s Cuernavaca location is the longest continually-running program site and we are very proud of our 45 year history!