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The following organizations provide college scholarships to parts or all of the LGBTQIA+ community. Please visit each organization’s website for eligibility requirements, application deadlines, and award amounts.

Aegis Foundation helps lower income students obtain a higher education that would otherwise pose a tremendous hardship for that individual or family. The LGBTQ scholarship awards empower promising students to achieve their full academic and leadership potential.

The Colin Higgins Youth Courage Awards are bestowed each year to acknowledge remarkable young people who refuse to be silenced by societal norms and demonstrate profound courage in the face of hardship, intolerance and bigotry based on sexual orientation, gender identity and national origin.

Gamma Mu Foundation provides scholarships to gay men who are living in, have come from, or plan to attend school in a rural and/or underserved area.

The League Foundation provides scholarships to graduating LGBT high school seniors who plan on attending college.

Live Out Loud offers scholarships to LGBT individuals pursuing a college education.

PFLAG offers scholarships to graduating high school seniors who are LGBT- or allied-identified and interested in LGBT advocacy.

PFund Foundation offers scholarships to LGBTQI and Allied Minnesotans attending an institution of higher education.

Point Foundation officers scholarships to LGBTQ students attending four-year institutions. Priority is given to applicants whose families are either unable or unwilling to support them and their goals for higher education.