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Admission Process

Important dates

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  • Application Opens: January 2nd
  • Initial Notification of Decisions: April 1st
  • Application Closes: May 10th
  • Course Registration Deadline: May 30th

Fall 2024 ApplicaNTs

Minnesota students, beginning their senior year in Fall 2024 are eligible for Augsburg’s Full Time PSEO program.  Augsburg believes that students thrive when fully immersed in the Auggie Experience, so at this time we are not allowing part-time PSEO options.


Things to consider when deciding if PSEO is right for you:

  • High School Graduation Requirements: Students should meet with their high school guidance counselor and review the courses needed to graduate. Enrollment in an incorrect PSEO class or failing a PSEO course could result in delayed high school graduation, so careful planning and communication with the high school is very important.
  • Academic Ability: Is the student ready for college-level course work? It is important to remember that a student is generating a permanent college transcript. Courses and grades earned through PSEO cannot be expunged or re-taken for a higher grade.
  •  Maturity: Is the student mature, responsible and self-disciplined enough to be successful in a college setting? This includes navigating the campus and student learning system as well as time-management skills and self-advocacy. Augsburg will generally not communicate directly with parents. Most of the time, college instructors are unaware which students in their classes are current high school students.
  • Scheduling and Transportation: Will the student be able to manage schedules and have the transportation means to get to each location?

Application process

If you have any questions or need further help, please reach out to Augsburg Admissions at 612-330-1001, or at
  • Students should consult with their high school counselor about their interest in postsecondary courses and which requirements are still needed for graduation. Students are required to notify their high school of their intent to enroll in PSEO by May 30th.
  • The application includes the following:
    • Basic information about the student, parent, high school and high school counselor.
    • Short essay questions to learn more about your abilities to manage your time, learning and internal motivation, and your academic success.
    • Confirming that you’ve reviewed information provided on the MN Department of Education PSEO Student and Families website
    • Submitting an unofficial high school transcript and official college transcripts (if you have previously taken college courses)

Will I be admitted?

Student’s applications will be evaluated on their success, specifically in courses with a higher rigor (accelerated, AP, PSEO), overall GPA, and their demonstrated ability to manage time and independent learning.  Priority will be given to students who submit their application and relevant materials by March 15th.  After March 15th, students will be admitted on a rolling basis as space allows.

Expectations for PSEO students

All students should be aware of our PSEO Expectations, which outlines important pieces that students need to consider.  You’ll need to agree that you have viewed and agree to follow the expectations.