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Give & Receive—Augsburg College Key Chain

What if you could make an even greater impact at Augsburg?

You can—this and every month—through Thoughtful Giving. A Thoughtful Gift is a monthly contribution, paid automatically with a deduction from your checking account, credit or debit card. This gift is ongoing, and you may change or cancel at any time.

Your monthly gifts do more for Augsburg with a steady, reliable gift that allows the College to focus more resources on serving the students and programs that need it most.

For a limited time, in thanks for signing up for Thoughtful Giving, you’ll receive a silver, two-part detachable Augsburg College key chain. We have a limited supply of these special key chains, so I hope you’ll sign up for Thoughtful Giving today. You can check back here to see how many of these key chains remain.

19 key chains remain!

Thank you! Financial support from alumni, parents, and friends of the College is essential to all we are able to provide to our students.