Cuernavaca Corner: Cool Treats edition


Cuernavaca Corner: Ice Cream
Cuernavaca Corner: Ice Cream

Every week we are going to be sharing some of our favorite places in Cuernavaca with you! We will be giving you the inside look on all the fun places to go in Cuernavaca, Mexico while you study abroad! Today’s Cuernavaca Corner was written by Brittney Westgard, alumni of our Social Work program and current volunteer in Mexico. Brittney is an Augsburg College Alumni.

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Seven reasons all Social Work students should study abroad with CGEE Mexico

This post was written by Brittney Westward, alumni of our Social Work program! Currently back in Mexico, volunteering with the CGEE students in Cuernavaca. 


Here are my top seven reasons why all Social Work students should study abroad with CGEE Mexico:

(1) To expand your network of social workers.

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Celebrating Pride in Mexico

CGEE-Mexico joins LGBT Pride Parade in Cuernavaca on August 27. Photos courtesy of Ann Lutterman-Aguilar.

Mexico City Orientation Week

Welcome to Mexico, CGEE Fall 2016 students!

CGEE-Mexico students spend part of orientation for fall semester in Mexico City.  They loved their visit to the important cultural-religious site of the Basillica de la Virgen de Guadalupe.

Basilica of Guadalupe
Students visit Basilica of Guadalupe














Basilicas in Mexico City
Modern Basillica in front of older ones.














Virgin of Guadalupe
Virgin of Guadalupe













Students learn at mural
Students learn about Mexican history from Armando Lopez at Diego Rivera mural in Cuernavaca

CGEE Campus Visits

Want to meet in person with a CGEE representative? A mix of faculty, staff, and program consultants will be all across the US this September, October, and November!

To schedule a visit with a traveler, please email Lucy Hardaker (

Who, Where, When (listed alphabetically by US state):

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Photos: Mexico volcano excursion!

Here are some photos from the summer program’s recent excursion to the Nevado de Toluca, or Xinantécatl. An extinct volcano that is located in the State of Mexico, southeast of the city of Toluca. The Nevado de Toluca is approximately 4,600 meters above sea level. There is a crater in the volcano which contains lakes (Lake of the Moon and Lake of the Sun). The students were able to go down to these lakes. Although at one point it started hailing, the students really enjoyed the excursion! Two of our host families also came along and had a fun time climbing the Nevado.

Thanks to new IRA Amber Ramirez for the photos and description!

Nevado de toluca, Volcano, Mexico
Students pose during the hike
Nevado de toluca, Volcano, Mexico
Exploring the lakes in the crater
Nevado de toluca, Volcano, Mexico
Summer hike to Nevado de toluca, June 2016
Nevado de toluca, Volcano, Mexico
Beautiful view of Nevado de toluca, June 2016
Nevado de toluca, Volcano, Mexico
Students hiking

Photos: Mexico Summer Cooking Lessons!

Here are some snapshots of last week’s cooking class with a former CGEE kitchen staff. Students really liked learning a new, typical Mexican dish! They made tlacloyos (stuffed homemade tortillas), flan (custard-type of desert), creme of poblano pepper and salsas!


The Educated Tourist

Amanda is a junior at University of Vermont, who is studying abroad in Mexico with CGEE spring 2016; and studied abroad in Central America with CGEE fall 2015. This is an excerpt from Amanda’s blog post, “Zapatistas: Educating Yourself as a Tourist”. Her blog is a great resource for anyone considering study abroad in Latin America! She also has travel tips for traveling as woman, and traveling as a woman of color.


Being in Chiapas, with a strong presence of indigenous communities, I cannot help but dedicate a post to the Zapatistas. A revolutionary indigenous militant group based here in this southernmost state of Mexico, I have a great love for the Zapatistas and their movement. Indigenous people everywhere all over the world struggle under racial, economic, and political oppression and here in Mexico it is no different. The fight for justice continues and the Zapatistas are currently at the forefront of it.

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Going Home is Bittersweet

This is a guest blog post & photos from Crystal Winkelman, a St. Cloud State University student currently participating on CGEE’s program, “Social Work in a Latin American Context.” See her post recapping March here.

Wrapping up spring 2016 semester in Cuernavaca
Wrapping up spring 2016 semester in Cuernavaca

As my time here in Cuernavaca dwindles, I am having bitter sweet thoughts. I want to go home in just two weeks but I also want to stay longer and enjoy the beauties of this country! From hiking up the side of a mountain, to spending a week in Mexico City visiting the social work students at UNAM, to being able to spend more time with my host family, this last month has been an amazing one. This country is full of people cultures, places, and people. I am continuing to learn the language and practice more within my host family as well as within the community. My favorite memory was a week where students from UNAM came to our school and we learned the differences and comparisons of Mexican social work and social work in the United States. Makes you remember that even though we are from different countries, speak different languages and may have different values, we are not all that different from one another.

Mayan Spirituality and Pottery: Student Poetry

This poem was written by Augsburg College student, Bryce Nelson, after an experience abroad on a short term program to Guatemala January 2016, “Mayan Spirituality and Pottery”. Bryce is a senior and math major. 

Dear Lord,
We ask for your guidance, we ask for your grace
May the task at hand please keep at pace
May it be strong, may it be true
For all you have done, it’s the least we can do
For this we thank, for this we remember
To come together, we too must render
A breathtaking view in Guatemala. Photo from CGEE archives.
A breathtaking view in Guatemala. Photo from CGEE archives.