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New Program Brings Together CGEE Southern Africa & the Pan-Afrikan Center

The Center for Global Education and Experience (CGEE) is excited to introduce a brand-new two-week summer program for Augsburg students, created in collaboration with Augsburg’s Pan-Afrikan Center. The pilot program, Anti-Apartheid and Black Lives Matter: Global Movements for Racial Justice, will run May 17 – 28, 2021.

Global Movements for Racial Justice was created in response to the racially motivated murder of George Floyd in our home city of Minneapolis. With much of CGEE’s work typically focusing on global settings, it became clear in the summer of 2020 that we should use our pedagogy and unique programming style to shed light on the inequities and injustices within our own backyard and in communities across the United States. Continue reading “New Program Brings Together CGEE Southern Africa & the Pan-Afrikan Center”

Memories of Namibia and South Africa

This reflection was sent to us by Maria Marzullo, a student from Valparaiso University that went on CGEE’s spring 2020 semester program to Namibia and South Africa. Thank you, Maria, for the wonderful reflection and photos you have shared with us!

Memories with CGEE in Namibia & South Africa

I knew I wanted to study abroad since before I even applied to college. I knew I wanted to travel to a place most of my peers would not. I wanted to be challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone. While in Namibia and South Africa, I met some of the greatest people and had experiences I will never forget.  Continue reading “Memories of Namibia and South Africa”

Student Experience in Southern Africa

This reflection was sent to us by Eliza Martin-Rosenthal, a student from Clark University that went on CGEE’s spring 2020 semester program to Namibia and South Africa. Thank you, Eliza, for the wonderful reflection and photos you have shared with us!

My Experience with CGEE in Southern Africa

My study abroad experience with CGEE was more intense, educational, emotional, and enjoyable than I could have ever prepared for. Arriving in South Africa in January, I was skeptical of the small size of our group (eight students), the hot climate, and the unfamiliar social norms. I was tired from the long flight and full of nervous energy, but as soon as I was greeted by CGEE staff and my fellow classmates, my nerves melted away. Continue reading “Student Experience in Southern Africa”

TRIO Student Reflections from Abroad: Erika

This is an excerpt from a student’s reflection written for Augsburg TRIO’s spring 2019 newsletter. Please see the newsletter for the original post in full. Thank you to Erika and TRIO for sharing with CGEE!

1.) Where did you study abroad? Why did you choose this location and/or program? How did you hear about the program?

I studied abroad in Southern Africa and had the honor of visiting South Africa and Namibia. I chose to study abroad through the Nation-Building, Globalization, and Decolonizing the Mind in Southern Africa program because of my interest in politics. I heard about this program through the Center for Global Education & Experience and the MSS office.

Continue reading “TRIO Student Reflections from Abroad: Erika”

Congratulations to Dr. Lamont Slater

Lamont Slater


Congratulations to Dr. Lamont Slater on completing his Ph.D. in History!

On April 6th, 2018, Doctoral candidate Lamont Slater successfully defended his dissertation, “Reframing the Herero/Nama Genocide: An Examination of the Genocide Through the Theories of Foucault and Athens” at Salve Regina University in Rhode Island.

Dr. Lamont Slater is an instructor and program coordinator at Augsburg CGEE’s Study Center in Namibia and teaches the course “The Politics of Development in Southern Africa.” He joined Augsburg CGEE in 2016.

Congratulations to Dr. Lamont Slater!


Meet Our New IRA in Namibia

Meet our new International Resident Assistant in Namibia, Jamila!


Jamila staff photo cgee


Jamila is from Santa Barbara, CA, and joined CGEE from a job in Washington D.C. Before moving to DC, Jamila earned her Bachelor of Arts in Human Development at the University of California, San Diego and a Dual-Masters of Social Work and Public Health at Washington University in St. Louis. Jamila has worked with various students (middle school to college age) for approximately 10 years. She enjoys supporting youths’ transformation from learners to talented leaders, who are prepared and excited to make the world a better place. Jamila is excited to explore all of Namibia’s wonderful attractions, restaurants and communities.

Student Profile: Caleb

Caleb completed two of CGEE’s semester programs in a year, Central America and Southern Africa! Here is his profile with reflections on what he learned during his year abroad:

Student headshot photoName: Caleb Encarnacion-Rivera

School: Clark University

CGEE Programs:

Social Change in Central America: Exploring Peace, Justice, and Community Engagement (Spring 2016)

Nation Building, Globalization and Decolonizing the Mind (Fall 2016)

Major: International Development

Most valuable experience: There are so many things I found valuable during my time abroad with CGEE.  In Central America, the most valuable experience was being able to live in homestays.  Homestays allowed me to build and cultivate long lasting relationships I will cherish for the rest of my life.  Living in homestays enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of the regions I was living in through the lens of local people.  Living in my home stays gave me new family members that I will never forget.  In Namibia, my internship was definitely the highlight of my experience.  I absolutely loved every moment of being able to serve in the city I was living in as well, as learn and grown from directly working with Namibian youth.  My internship gave me the ability to not only learn or study in a foreign country, but gain work experience, and establish new networks beyond that of the United States.

Why encourage others to study abroad with CGEE: Both programs are life changing in numerous ways.  I will cherish these moments for the rest of my life.  If you are looking for an authentic study abroad experience these are the programs for you!

Welcome to our New Program Coordinator

Welcome to our new Program Coordinator in Namibia, Alex Sikume!

Alex Sikume Staff PhotoAlex Sikume is the new Instructor for Political Science and Social Change.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Public Management majoring in Policy Analysis from School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University, China. He further holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Political Science and Industrial Psychology from the University of Namibia.

Alex worked for the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development for ten years as a Development Planner dealing with issues of local government operations, administration and management. In 2011 he worked for the United Nations Development Programme as a Programme Officer. He further worked as Technical Advisor under the Building Local Capacity Project for Southern Africa within the Management Sciences for Health. Continue reading “Welcome to our New Program Coordinator”