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Student Abroad Published in Local Newspaper

We are so proud of our CGEE students! Current student, Aaron Buckley (Siena College), interning with Namibia Institute for Democracy (NID), is featured in local daily newspaper in Namibia calling on private sector and government to investment in NGO’s.

From the article:

“Namibia is a nation teeming with opportunities. Everywhere you look, people are hungry for success. A country built on free market principles, with a people questing for equal economic participation in its development. Namibia has many commonly known successes; it remains one of the only countries in the world with a robust environmental policy enshrined in its constitution combined with a strong governmental investment that could lead to a direct betterment for all citizens.”

Read the full article text online at CIVIC +264.

Internships are a great way student can contribute towards social change in Namibia! All students on the semester program, “Decolonizing the Mind: Racial and Environmental Justice” have the option to take part in an internship during their time abroad in Namibia. One of these internship possibilities is with the “Namibia Institute of Democracy” – an organization that implements a range of civic education, civil society development, socio-political survey and research and anti-corruption programs in Namibia.

Congratulations once again, Aaron, on being published in the local Namibian newspaper!