Tuition and Financial Aid

The Augsburg MBA program consists of 13-14 courses (39-42 credits). Financial assistance is available to degree-seeking students enrolled full time in the MBA program.

Current MBA Cost of Attendance

You may be eligible for financial aid including state and federal loans or grants. If your employer provides tuition assistance, you can participate in Augsburg’s employer tuition reimbursement program. We also offer several scholarships and tuition discounts which may be available to you.

American Indian Scholarships

American Indian students who meet federal, state, or tribal requirements may apply for special scholarships. For more information, please contact Augsburg’s American Indian Student Services Program director at 612-330-1144.

AmeriCorps Discount and Lutheran Volunteer Corps

AmeriCorps volunteers and LSS alumni who have served at least half time for one year, who are qualified for admission to Augsburg College, and who enroll within five years of the completion of their service may receive a 25% tuition credit for one course each term in Augsburg’s graduate or Weekend College program. For more information, contact the Graduate Admissions Office.

Military Discount

Individuals who are serving or have served in the military may qualify for 10% off of tuition. For more information, visit the Military and Veterans Support page.

Augsburg Partnership Grant

Individuals who are employed by corporations/institutions that are participating in the Augsburg Partnership Grant program and are newly enrolling in specified Augsburg degree programs, may be eligible for approximately 10% off tuition in the form of a grant. This discount may also apply to students who have successfully completed a Leadership Course from participating Chambers of Commerce. For more information: visit The Augsburg Partnership Grant Page

For information on financial aid or tuition discount programs, visit the Student Financial Services page.