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Housing Expo

Housing Expo 2018 – February 12, 2018 – February 16, 2018

Housing Expo is the opportunity to decide where and with whom you want to live for the following academic year. At Housing Expo, you and your roommates add up your selection numbers and that number determines what day you can come and choose your housing! The higher the selection number, the earlier in the week you are able to choose housing. A selection number is a number between 1,000-9,000 that is sent to you via email at the beginning of 2nd semester.

Your selection number is based on your number of credits and class (First Year – Fourth Year). The more completed credits you have, the higher your selection number is. The Department of Residence Life will work hard to meet your needs, but please come to the Expo with a list of preferred roommates, if possible.

Don’t forget:

  1. Bring your student ID
  2. Bring a digital or printed copy of the email you will be receiving from Residence Life, which will contain your housing selection number and also indicates your allotted time slot for attending the Housing Expo. This email is sent at the end of January 2018.
  3. Complete the online contract. If you have not completed an online contract, your space can not be reserved.

Online Residence Life and Meal Plan Contract for the 2018-2019 Academic Year


Housing Expo Week Schedule

Date and Time—————————————————— Selection # group total
Monday Feb. 12th, 2018 1PM – 4PM————————– Designated Pre-Signers: Staff, Lock-It-In, Neighborhoods
Monday Feb. 12th, 2018 2PM – 2:15PM———————- Luther Hall Studios, Mortensen singles, Anderson Suites (more singles than ever this year!)
Monday Feb. 12th, 2018 2:45PM – 4PM———————-StepUP Community
Tuesday Feb. 13th, 2018 1PM – 4PM————————- Selection Number totals between 18,000-36,000
Wednesday Feb. 14th, 2018 1PM – 4PM——————— Selection Number totals between 10,000-17,999
Thursday Feb. 15th, 2018 1PM – 4PM———————— Selection Number totals between 2,000-9,999


Before Expo: Want additional expo points?

Beginning in December 2017, attend Residence Life events this spring semester up until Expo week and you could win 1000 extra Housing Expo points! These will be added to your selection number and increase your housing options. Check out the Residence Life Events calendar and talk to your RA for dates and times!

Before Expo: Lock-It-In Starts december 1, 2017

Residents have the opportunity to secure the space they are currently living in for the academic year of 2018-2019. Lock-It-In is a special offer to apartments in Anderson, Mortensen, and Luther.

In order to Lock-It-In you must:

  • Submit the Lock-It-In survey 
  • Be currently enrolled at Augsburg University
  • Be registered for 2018 spring semester classes
  • Have all the beds full when you sign your contracts at the Housing Expo. You only need 1 person to reserve the space today!
  • One person in the space who is staying from 2017-2018

2017-2018 Apartments are offered in the following configurations:


4 bedroom 4 person.
2 bedroom 4 person.
2 bedroom 3 person (with a maximum).


2 bedroom 4 person.


2 bedroom 4 person.
2 bedroom 3 person (with a maximum)
2 bedroom 2 person (with a maximum)
1 bedroom 2 person.

All unsecured apartments will be included in the Housing Expo: February 12th-16th

before expo: Anderson Neighborhoods

An Anderson neighborhood is a group of 8 or 14 people who want to live together in a townhouse or floorhouse, respectively. Roommates get together based on student groups, areas of study, activities, or friend groups! For more information or to reserve your space, contact Eric Pegues, Assistant Director, at

Before Expo: Looking for roommates?

If you are looking for one roommate or eight roommates, please post information in this Roommate Search survey. Once you have completed the survey someone will give you access to view all other entries within a few days. Responses will be editable, so you can take down your posting or change it when you want to. Everyone is limited to one response and will need to be logged in to Inside Augsburg to access the survey.
Once you are given viewing access, go ahead and read the other entries! Feel free to use the posted contact information to reach out and decide if you are a good fit for next year.
We will post these responses during Expo week in the Urn/Mort Lobby to give you additional chances to find roommates. After Housing Expo Week, February 12-16 2018, this survey will close to ensure students aren’t looking at outdated information.
Other Resources:
1. Your RA, Community Specialist, and RHD probably know someone else who is currently searching for a roommate! Reach out and let them know that you are as well!
2. Come to Housing Expo! Stop by and talk to the staff and residents who are looking at housing. There will be opportunities, especially on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of Expo week to see who still needs a roommate.

new: repeat rate

2017-2018 Urness residents on the 15 Plus meal plan now have a chance to live on for their second year (2018-2019), in apartment style housing, without an increase in total cost!

Current Urness First Years can choose from the following options for 2018-2019 without increasing their total housing costs:

  1. Anderson floorhouse double and 5 Plus Meal Plan (sign up through the Anderson Neighborhood Program)
  2. Anderson townhouse double and 5 Plus Meal Plan (sign up through the Anderson Neighborhood Program)
  3. Mortensen 2 bedroom/4 person apartment and 5 Plus Meal Plan (sign up at the Housing Expo event)

NEW: styles and communities in mortensen hall

Floors and Details

1: Closed for new programs
2: 2 bedroom/4 person and 1 bedroom/2 person units
3: Closed for new programs
4: Closed for new programs
5: Closed for new programs
6: Substance Free Floor, 2 bedroom/4 person and 1 bedroom/2 person units
7: Substance Free Floor, Single apartments and 2 bedroom/2 person units
8: Quiet Floor, 2 bedroom/4 person and 1 bedroom/2 person units
9: Single apartments and 2 bedroom/2 person units
10: 2 bedroom/4 person and 1 bedroom/2 person units
11: Single apartments and 2 bedroom/2 person units
12: 2 bedroom/4 person and 1 bedroom/2 person units
13: Quiet Floor, Single apartments and 2 bedroom/2 person units


Can’t attend the Expo?

Use power of attorney. Let’s get you signed up!

If you are unable to attend the Housing Expo to choose where and with whom you’re going to live, here’s how you can have a friend help:

  1. Select a friend that you trust.
  2. Outline the spaces you are seeking and indicate the time they need to attend for you.
  3. Send your selection number email to the individual you have selected to be power of attorney.
  4. Locate and sign the online contract, noting the meal plan you are interested in purchasing for the next year.
    1. Your space will not be reserved if you have not completed the contract survey beforehand.
  5. Fill out the Power of Attorney Form and give to your friend stating they can sign for you at Housing Expo activities.

Here is the Power of Attorney Form Link.

Notes for the person acting as power of attorney

  1. Attend the Housing Expo at the time conveyed.
  2. Make sure you know all your friend’s options and interests.
  3. Bring the selection email and power of attorney confirmation form of the person you are representing to the required Housing Expo activity.
    1. The person you are representing must have already completed an online contract!
  4. Sign up for their housing.


For questions contact your Residence Hall Director individually or at or 612-330-1526.