Meal Plans

Please visit the A’viands website to learn more about meal plans or to purchase flex points.

Meal Plan Rates 2016-2017

 Meal Plan Options Full Year Semester
15-Plus Meal Plan with 100 flex points   $4,650   $2,325
10-Plus Meal Plan with 150 flex points   $4,376   $2,188
5-Plus Meal Plan with 345 flex points   $3,990   $1,995
 Block 100 with 345 flex points   $4,100   $2,050
 Block 150 with 150 flex points   $4,250   $2,125

This year there are two new meal plan options that are block plans. This means that of the 100 or 150 meals provided for the semester, they can be used in any amount during the week; the unused meals carry over from week to week until the end of the semester.

For any meal plan, you may substitute one meal per week at the dining commons for a meal at Einstein’s Bros. Bagels or Nabo Cafe.


If you would like to purchase FLEX points or learn more about it, visit:

Want to change your meal plan?

Augsburg_07721You may change your meal plans at the beginning of each semester.  Please email with your request.  A confirmation email will be sent to you.  Fall 2016 meal plan changes must be made on or before September 7, 2016.

Requesting a dietary modification?

You may request dietary accommodations, which may involve being released from the meal plan.  Please view this page to learn more.

MyFitnessPal is now available:

Continuing our commitment to helping our guests make healthy dining choices, A’viands has partnered with MyFitnessPal, a free, comprehensive nutrition and fitness system that makes it easy for you to attain your goals and live healthier by providing real-time tracking.  Guests can search our menu items, view nutritionals and track them to their daily diary.  Search A’viands in MyFitnessPal to get started today.

Check out nutritional information for your favorite menu items with MyFitnessPal.

1)     Go to or open the MyFitnessPal app on your smartphone.

2)     Scroll to the bottom of the webpage to find MyFitnessPal Food Search

3)     Type in A’viands & enter food item into the food search box.

4)     Click on desired item and nutrition information will appear.

What do the points mean and where may they be used?

Points may be used to purchase food at Einstein Bros. Bagels Shop and the dining room in the Christensen Center as well as from the Nabo Cafe in the Oren Gateway Center.

What is each point worth?

Each point is equivalent to $1.

Do I have to have a meal plan?

All residents in Anderson Hall, Mortensen Hall, and Urness Hall are required to have a meal plan. First Year residential students, regardless of residency, are required to select the 15-Plus meal plan.  StepUP Program students are required to have a meal plan for the first two academic semesters in the program (this does not include summer).