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Join the Sesquicentennial Musical Theater Production

Want to be part of a musical theater about the Augsburg University community, past and present?

The new work, to be performed in spring 2020, is one of the faculty-led projects to celebrate the 150th anniversary. Members of the community are invited to take part in every step of the process, from creating material to performing in the production.

Sonja Thompson, assistant professor of music and university organist, is leading the project. Malick Ceesay ’17, company manager at the Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis, has signed on as stage director, and Aaron Gabriel ’99 is composing music and lyrics for the production. Meanwhile, team member/writer Leah Cooper of Wonderlust Productions is busy structuring the play around the stories of real Auggies that were gathered in story circles during fall and winter. The Augsburg Music-Theater Club is also contributing to stage direction, musical direction, and choreography, as well as performing in the cast.

Audition dates have not been set, but alumni and friends of Augsburg interested in performing or otherwise being a part of the production can learn more at

Contact Sonja Thompson, assistant professor of music/university organist at, for questions or comments.