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Apply to the Bonner Community Leader Program

The Bonner Community Leaders Program is a unique opportunity to build meaningful relationships with other students and Bonner Staff while developing your leadership skills and engaging in meaningful community-centered work. This program is ideally a 4-year experience and we highly encourage incoming 1st year students to apply. We will also accept applications from students who have at least 2 years remaining at Augsburg.

Other criteria:

  • Work study eligible
  • Passion for community & justice-centered work
  • Commitment to at least 2 years in the program
  • Full program participation
    • 2 meetings/month
    • 8-15 hours/week of community-centered work (will depend on placement)
      • First year Bonner Leaders will choose a placement from one of our on-campus partner programs.
    • Enroll in Student Leadership Development course (LST 296) within first year of program is encouraged, but not required.

Caption: Cohort members and pose under tree with beautiful pink flowers.

Apply to be a bonner leader!

The application for the 2024 – 2025 Academic Year will be opening up soon.

Contact Eve Christensen at or Lisa Eizenga at regarding the application procees.

For more information about the Bonner Program contact Bonner interns: Martesha Mitchell at or Jamila Ahmed at