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Victor Sanchez | Senior Show


St. Jerome in the Wilderness | Victor Sanchez

St. Jerome in the Wilderness is an exploration of a dream, a hero, a saint, a crisis, and reconciliation. Through pen and ink, pencil, acrylic, and digital graphic design, Sanchez investigates historical narratives to better understand human forgiveness.

Slideshow of Artwork

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Artist Statement

St. Jerome in the Wilderness is an exploration of a dream, a hero, a saint, a crisis, and reconciliation. My preferred working style is representational, my medium is pen and ink, pencil, acrylic, and digital graphic design. To invite you in the gaze and employ the narrative I’m anthropomorphizing the story like a children’s book, in an attempt to emotional connect with and slowly digest the hero and heron narrative.  Each character symbol is an interconnected explorer, they all have in common the responsibility to culturally ascribe, what and who is the hero and heron. The theory of this exhibit is not about the moment a crisis intersects with the hero and heron, it includes a lost personal object, material possession, spiritual relationships, and a reflection on redemption. Because the story of St. Jerome is a human way to connect a personal narrative with God and the dream, I used him to find redemption and reconciliation for the hero and herons of everyday. I continue to investigate historical narratives surrounding the stories of saints, and heroes from the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries to our current time, in hopes of broadening my understanding of human forgiveness. I’m on the lookout for refreshing views of common lives doing extraordinary things in ordinary ways for the world and their neighbors.


Victor Sanchez is a visual artist living and working in Minneapolis. He is currently at Augsburg University pursuing a BA in studio arts with a minor in art history. He has also attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a major in industrial design, the American Academy of Art for Illustration, and Bethel University in studio art.

Victor grew up in Chicago and Panama. He danced character, jazz, tap, and classical ballet at Ruth Page School of Dance and performed in the Nutcracker Suite, Giselle, Where the Wild Things Are, and Alice and Wonderland, and at Minneapolis’s Guthrie Theater, Southern Theater, Pillsbury House Theater, First Avenue, and Illusion Theater. He has worked as an art director and illustrator for the Saint Paul Pioneer Press, the Utne Reader, Minnesota Monthly, and Midwest Home and Garden magazines, and as a museum exhibit graphic designer, multimedia interactive designer, and model builder with Deaton Museum Services and the Science Museum of Minnesota. Victor’s healthy community mural can be seen at the offices of the Fairview Uptown Clinic in the Calhoun office building.

Virtual Mock-up

Due to COVID-19 the show in the physical gallery space has been delayed. Here is a virtual representation of what it will look like in the Gallery720 space.