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Rural Homestay in Namibia

Students in Namibia spent a week in the Outapi community in the northern region of the country and participated in a rural home stay. The purpose of this home stay is to allow students the opportunity to learn what life in a rural area is like and to learn more about the northern part of the country, which is where a majority of the population in Namibia lives. Students were asked to share one word or phrase that they felt summarized their experience and here were their answers:

“Special” Molly, Clark University

“Welcoming” Miranda, Valparaiso University

“Parallel” Greta, Texas Lutheran University

“Eye-Opening” Haley, Clark University

“Educational” Winnie, Augsburg College

“Fun” Matt, Vassar University

“Humbling” Abbie, Clark University

“Invaluable” Andrea, Siena College

“Cooperative” Louise, Oberlin College

”Thought-provoking” Jordan, Siena College

“Peaceful” Katie, Valparaiso University

“Connect” Maddie, Oberlin College

“Informative” Lulu, Clark University