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Unraveling Threads: A Reflection on My Theology Journey

This is a guest blog post from our student social media ambassador, Jaida. Currently studying abroad on the semester program, “New Activisms, Human Rights and Social Justice” that travels to Guatemala and Costa Rica. This semester the itinerary also included a visit to Chiapas, Mexico. 

Unraveling Threads: A Reflection on My Theology Journey

waterfalls in longo maiEmbarking on this theology class, I felt like a curious explorer setting foot on uncharted territory. As someone who had never delved into the realm of theology before, I was both excited and apprehensive. Little did I know that this academic journey would unfold into a profound exploration of the intricate relationship between culture and religion. Each class became a thread, weaving together the tapestry of my understanding. The layers of insight gained were not just intellectual, but deeply spiritual, opening my eyes to the profound ways in which beliefs and traditions shape our world.

One of the most captivating revelations of this class was witnessing the organic fusion of culture and religion. Through the daily reflections in my theology of liberation class, I began to recognize the delicate dance between the two. The stories shared here illuminated the way beliefs and practices became interwoven with cultural norms, creating a harmonious blend that echoed through generations. It was fascinating to observe how rituals, traditions, and even language were infused with spiritual significance, forming an inseparable bond between culture and faith for some societies.

What struck me profoundly was the idea of generational imprints within cultures and religions. It became evident how beliefs passed down through generations leave indelible marks, shaping not just individuals but entire communities. This intricate web of intergenerational influence highlighted the enduring power of traditions. In my reflections, I found myself tracing back the origins of certain customs within my own home, connecting the dots between ancient rituals and modern practices. Understanding these interconnected legacies deepened my appreciation for the rich tapestry of human spirituality.

As I reflect on my journey through this class, I find myself inspired to weave my own theological narrative. It’s not merely an academic exercise but a soul-stirring exploration of my beliefs in the context of the broader world. This class has opened my eyes to the beauty of theological diversity and the ways in which our beliefs, when shared and understood, can create bridges between cultures, fostering empathy, respect, and unity.