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About LEAD Fellows Bonner Program

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The Augsburg LEAD Fellows Bonner Program is a part of the national network of Bonner programs.

LEAD Fellows (Leaders for Equity, Action, and Democracy) are undergraduates who work with community-based organizations to perform public work projects and paid apprenticeships. Students bring energy, creativity, and commitment to the communities in which they work while learning about public issues and developing capacity as agents of change. The program provides LEAD Fellows with a supportive cohort experience, unique and challenging opportunities to do meaningful paid work while pursuing their education.

For more information about the national network of Bonner programs, visit the national Bonner Foundation site.

Some LEAD Fellows do further leadership development through the academic study of leadership in the Leadership Studies Minor.

Expectations of LEAD Fellows:

  • Passionate about building community, seeking social justice, and working on public issues.
  • Eligible for work-study funds through awarded financial aid or comparable financial need demonstrated.
  • Able to make a 2-4 year commitment to the program.
  • Work 8-15 hours per week with a community partner or a community-focused program (totaling ~120 hours each semester).
  • Attend all meetings, retreats, and workshops (Two meetings each month on Wednesdays 4:30-5:40pm, One retreat each semester).
  • Be an active participant in and contributor to the cohort.
  • Use email to communicate on a regular basis.