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#blihjemme with Norwayhouse

#stayhome is the one of the biggest international slogans of March and of 2020, following the epidemic of Covid-19, forcing unprecedented changes to our lives, changes that most of us have never experienced before.

To prevent the spread of Coronavirus and to protect others, quarantine and lockdowns have been set in all over the world and people are encouraged to stay at home.

#stayhome has come out of this as a hashtag for people to share their activities and what they do when they stay at home during lockdown, and to encourage others to do the same instead of going outside.

Norwayhouse has put their own spin on this, with #blihjemme, a website with compilations of “koselige” (fun/cozy) things you can do at home. The site has compiled activities that you and your family can do at home while in quarantine and is updated every day with new content.

Follow the link to #blihjemme to check the page out and remember to stay updated on what is happening in your local news and on WHO’s public advice page for new information.