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New Peace Scholars meet Old(er) Peace Scholars

The Peace Scholars Program gathered newly chosen and past Peace Scholars at Norway House on April 12, 2024. This was a time to connect graduates of this program and to welcome new students who are just starting their journey as Peace Scholars.

All 2023 PS presented their research from Norway (Health Care System, Oil Dependency and the Green Wave, Art, Indigenous Peoples Rights and much more) resulting in deeper understandings of Norwegian topics while also comparing policies between the United States and Norway.

Depicted below are Theresa Akinjo and Heidi Danielson (PS 2023), as well as alumna, Winnie Godi (PS 2016) together with our newly elected Peace Scholars: Sara Sirag and Anna Hudak.

(From left to right: Heidi, Theresa, Anna, Sara, and Winnie)