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Paideia Program


What We Do

A non-profit organization dedicated to improving teaching and learning in our schools to better prepare our future citizens.

Paideia (pi day a) Greek, meaning the upbringing of a child.

Our Mission

  • Improve teaching and learning.
  • Guide Paideia development.
  • Foster networking.
  • Provide workshops.
  • Provide on-site training.

Paideia is an educational program that was presented by Mortimer Adler and the Paideia Group in 1982. It is designed for all students in order to better educate our future citizens.

The goals are to prepare students:

  • to earn a living,
  • to be a citizen,
  • to be a lifelong learner.

Frequently Requested Info


To become a campus of learning dedicated to the exploration of ideas in supportĀ of active lifelong learning.