Degree Completion

Students in the program earn a Master of Arts in Education (MAE) degree through a combination of graduate licensure coursework and degree completion courses. The MAE program theme – teacher as developing professional: from classroom decision-maker to educational leader is the foundation for this final phase of study. To gain a deeper perspective on leadership, MAE students take courses from the Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL) program, and complete their degree with a research-based final project in the Education Department.

The Masters of Arts in Education (MAE) program is also available to people wanting the degree without the license. A core of at least four education graduate level courses is combined with Master of Arts in Leadership courses and a Education final project to complete the degree.

MAE Program Director Vicki Olson, or faculty advisers can help students decide which research option is best for them. For general procedural or administrative questions, please contact the MAE Coordinator. To review in detail the degree completion options download the Degree Completion Handbook.