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Tuition and Financial Aid

Program cost

Cost per credit for the 2021-2022 academic year: $522

Total credits are determined by degree program and license concentration. Please sign up for an information session, or contact us about scheduling an individual appointment to learn more about what your specific path and cost would look like.

See the Graduate Tuition and Fees page for further financial details.

Financing Your Education

Financial assistance including federal loans or grants may be available. To apply for financial aid and for more information on financing your Augsburg graduate education, go to the Financial Aid website.

Grants and Scholarships

Augsburg Partnership Grant

Individuals who are employed by corporations/institutions and school districts that are participating in the Augsburg Partnership Grant program and are newly enrolling in specified Augsburg degree programs may be eligible for a tuition discount in the form of a grant. This discount may also apply to students who have successfully completed a Leadership Course from participating Chambers of Commerce. Check out a full list of our partners here.

Alumni Discount

Students who received their bachelor’s degree from Augsburg University and return to Augsburg as either an Adult Undergraduate or Graduate student are eligible to receive a grant. Please make sure your admissions counselor is aware that you are an alumni. The grant amount for graduate programs is $80.00/credit.

AmeriCorps/Lutheran Volunteer Corps/Peace Corps Discount

Augsburg offers a tuition discount of $80.00/credit for students who have served with AmeriCorps, Lutheran Volunteer Corps or Peace Corps.

Military Tuition Grant

Individuals who are serving or have served in the military qualify for discounted tuition of $80.00 off each credit.

American Indian Scholarships

American Indian students who meet federal, state, or tribal requirements may apply for special scholarships. For more information, please contact Augsburg’s American Indian Student Services Program director at 612-330-1144.

Minnesota Indian Teacher Training Grant and Loan Program

A partnership with the Minneapolis and St. Paul Public Schools, the program’s goal is to increase the number of American Indian teachers in these districts. The financial aid package includes a combination of special grants and student loans. The loans are forgiven based on the number of years the student teaches in the Minneapolis or St. Paul district after obtaining an Augsburg education degree and meeting the state licensing requirements.

Loan Forgiveness

Under certain circumstances, the federal government will cancel all or part of an educational loan for those who perform volunteer work, are in the military, teach, or practice medicine or social work. To qualify, teachers must teach in a certain community, usually for a specified amount of time. Go to for more information about loan forgiveness programs or see an administrator at the school where you teach or plan to teach.