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License Options

There are no program prerequisites for entry to Augsburg’s graduate licensure programs. Instead, Augsburg’s programs consist of all education and content courses required for a license.

The table below provides the total number of credits required if a teacher candidate had to take every single course required for a license or endorsement. Most secondary education candidates will find they have fulfilled at least some licensure standards with their undergraduate degrees. For a detailed list of required courses, please refer to our Graduate Licensure Informational Sheets.

Endorsements are not a stand-alone licenses. To earn an endorsement, you must already have a teaching license (K-6, 5-12, or K-12) or be enrolled in a teaching license program at Augsburg.

Name Type Grades Total Credits
Elementary Education License K-6 75
English as a Second Language License K-12 68
Special Education: Academic & Behavioral Strategist License K-12 68
General Science Stand-Alone License 5-8 91
Communication Arts/Literature License 5-12 98
Health Education License 5-12 88
Math Education License 5-12 95
Social Studies License 5-12 82
Chemistry License 9-12 104
Life Science License 9-12 99
Physics License 9-12 103
Music Education (Instrumental or Vocal) License K-12 85
Physical Education License K-12 100
Visual Arts License K-12 87
MS Communication Arts/Lit Endorsement 5-8 30
MS Math Education Endorsement 5-8 33
MS Science Endorsement 5-8 56
MS Social Studies Endorsement 5-8 32
Special Education: Autism Spectrum Disorder Endorsement K-12 10