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Secondary License

Photo of Dennis Draughn

“I feel thoroughly prepared for the next step in my teaching career. The instructors at Augsburg are exceptional in terms of caring for the needs MAE students and preparing them to become remarkable educators. Through the different courses offered at Augsburg I have gained the necessary knowledge to achieve success in the craft of education.”

Dennis Draughn, Secondary Education

Grades Covered by License

5-12: Communication Arts and Social Studies licenses prepare teachers to teach at the middle school and high school levels

9-12: Biology, Chemistry, Health, Math, and Physics licenses prepare teachers to teach at the high school level. A middle school endorsement in math or general science can be added to expand grades covered to 5-12

K-12: Art, Music, and Physical Education K-12 licenses prepare teachers to teach a content area across elementary, middle school, and high school grades


Offered at Minneapolis campus. Prospective students residing in the Rochester area can complete most education licensure courses at Rochester, but would need to complete methods courses and content area courses at the Minneapolis campus.

Required Licensure Courses

Review downloadable PDF about specific requirements and course descriptions  It is important to note that the course requirement list is inclusive of absolutely every course that is required for licensure. As part of the application process the MAE Program Director performs an individualized transcript assessment in order to identify any undergraduate courses that may meet state standards thereby possibly reducing the number of courses that you may need to complete to earn a license.

Completion Time

Average completion time is 2.5 years, inclusive of HPE115, up to 5 content area courses, and student teaching.


Optional endorsements in middle school specialty areas of Communication Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies can be pursued with or separately from the secondary license. Additional courses may extend overall completion time.

Schedule & Course Format

Education courses typically are Tuesday and/or Thursday weekday evenings; Content area courses are Monday and/or Wednesday. Math and Science licensure students should expect that some required courses are offered only during the DAY schedule.

Courses are typically Hybrid format, one week face-to-face meeting and alternative week assignments completed online.


Undergraduate Content Area Requirements

The equivalent of a major in the licensure content area is required for K-12 and 5-12 licenses. Students who have majored in a field in which we offer licensure will have their previous coursework evaluated by the major department at Augsburg. Two or more content area courses tied to Minnesota licensure standards are generally required, even with a completed academic major.

Previous coursework is evaluated by the content area department and accepted if it meets Minnesota licensure standards and if a grade of C or better was achieved. Coursework older than five years is judged on a case-by-case basis.