TC2 Urban Teacher Residency


The Twin Cities Teacher Collaborative (TC2) urban teacher residency is full-time, year-long, post-baccalaureate teacher preparation program for mathematics and science teacher candidates that integrates best practices for the preparation of highly effective educators.

TC2 is a member of the Network for Excellence in Teaching (NExT), the Urban Teacher Residency United Network, and the 100kin10 national STEM initiative. TC2 Urban Teacher Residency is funded by the Bush Foundation and the U.S. Department of Education. Partners include Augsburg College, Bethel University, Concordia University St. Paul, Hamline University, Minneapolis Public Schools, St. Catherine University St. Paul, and University of St. Thomas.

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Application Process

1. Apply to the Master of Arts in Education program at

2. Apply to TC2 online at

Financial Aid/Billing

1. File FAFSA for upcoming academic year. (Consider applying for the TEACH Grant, contact for more information.)

2. Stipends will be applied to your tuition account along with all awarded and accepted financial aid.

3. Remember to renew your FAFSA for Term 4 by May 1.


1. Register for courses with MAE Program Director (following program plan below).

2. Remember to check your Augsburg email account as this is the official method of communication for the College.

Program Plan

Term 1 – EDC599-TC2 TC2 Urban Teacher Residency: Foundations, 6 semester credits

Term 2 – EDC599-TC2 TC2 Urban Teacher Residency: Methods, 8 semester credits

Term 3 – EDC599-TC2 TC2 Urban Teacher Residency: Student Teaching, 8 semester credits

Term 4 – EDC599-TC2 TC2 Urban Teacher Residency: Professionalism, 6 semester credits


What happens if I need to drop out of the program during a term?

Contact the TC2 Program Director and MAE Program Director.

When can I expect to receive my grade in each course?

Grades will be submitted at the end of each term, closely following the Augsburg College grading deadline (see Academic Calendar).

Who is my academic adviser at Augsburg College?

MAE Program Director