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Order the Paperback of “Hold Fast to What is Good”

Hold Fast coverAugsburg’s Sesquicentennial history book “Hold Fast to What is Good” is now available in paperback for purchase online.

“The history of Augsburg is the history of America, in microcosm. That’s my take away after reading the remarkably fast-paced, entertaining and deeply meaningful ‘Hold Fast to What is Good: A History of Augsburg University in 10 Objects.’ Augsburg’s history, like that of America, includes the struggles of generations of immigrants, the industrial revolution, the civil rights movement, modern feminism, and the broader for equity and inclusion.

“Featuring fascinating and largely unknown stories from Augsburg’s past, including tales of murder, world explorers, major land deals gone awry, the ancient city of Troy, and protest marches at the height of the Vietnam war, this book is that rare history that transcends the past.” — Bob Groven, associate professor and Co-Chair of the Department of Communication Studies, Film and New Media, the Director of the Minnesota Urban Debate League

Preview images of these objects found inside “Hold Fast to What is Good” on our Facebook album.

The book will also be available in the Augsburg bookstore.