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Financial Aid

Tuition costs at private colleges can seem prohibitive and often students don’t consider private college for that reason. It is helpful to know that there are financial aid resources available for students to assist them with meeting these costs. Eighty percent of Augsburg students receive financial aid; 95% of American Indian students receive aid. In addition to the standard sources available to all students, Augsburg has a number of scholarships available exclusively for American Indian Students. A list of these Scholarships can be found by clicking here.

The AISS’s Commitment to Students regarding Financial Aid:

  1. Assists students financial aid applications for completeness and accuracy, answering any questions students might have about the process. Photocopies all applications and keeps on file. Forwards applications to respective offices for processing.
  2. Tracks students progress through the application process to ensure timely completion. Corresponds with students regarding missing and/or incomplete applications.
  3. Keeps records of student applications, award notifications and correspondence with tribes and other funding agencies.
  4. Corresponds with tribes on students’ behalf regarding application for scholarship awards and any problems that might arise as needed.
  5. Acts as liaison between student and tribe, tribe and college, and student and college regarding scholarship applications, receipt of funds, and any problems that might arise. Also, apprises tribes and other funding agencies of student academic progress.