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Campus Kitchen Reaps New Awards

Program Overview

Augsburg College Campus Kitchen was founded in 2002, and is currently the most comprehensive Campus Kitchen organization in the United States. Augsburg is one of only two colleges in Minnesota that offer this program.  Augsburg Campus Kitchen provides 18,000 meals annually to the surrounding neighborhoods, mostly derived from overages in Augsburg’s dining services—food that would otherwise go to waste.

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Foundation Support

The success and growth of Augsburg College Campus Kitchen is strongly supported by local corporations, who value the opportunity for their employees to engage more deeply with their communities, and live their values as corporations. Ameriprise Financial awarded Campus Kitchen a $5,000 grant in September 2014. Ameriprise understands that small nonprofits require consistent streams of general operating support, and has supported Campus Kitchen since 2009.


Land O’Lakes also awarded Campus Kitchen a $10,000 grant in October 2014. Land O’Lakes supports programs that alleviate food insecurity. This is the first grant award from Land O’Lakes for Campus Kitchen. Thank you!


Augsburg College Campus Kitchen 2013 Impact

17,000 meals served per year

14,000 pounds of produce recovered

30,000 pounds of produce gleaned from local Farmer’s Markets

100 visits to the campus food pantry

6 community partners

3,000 volunteer hours contributed

360 dedicated volunteers

100 community garden plots

13,000 pounds grown in the community garden