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Marisa R., ’24

“Augsburg’s focus on transcultural, integrative care is what peaked my interest most. The faculty has far exceeded my expectations in all realms. They are 100% our biggest supporters and want us to succeed and that makes such a difference. Augsburg offers excellent teaching of skills, knowledge, and deep care for our communities. I highly recommend Augsburg’s DNP-FNP program. The professors are all phenomenal and I feel completely supported, encouraged and understood as an already-working professional with a busy life outside of a full time doctorate program.”

Tom C., ’24

“I chose Augsburg because of their mission to serve marginalized populations in the local community. All of the staff have been extremely supportive and willing to meet with me on my schedule when I have questions about classes. The FNP program has prepared me to connect with populations that I previously have had very little interaction with. My time at the Augsburg Health Commons, working with people experiencing homelessness has been invaluable when it comes to caring for patients in the future. Augsburg offers opportunities to travel and experience healing in other countries and cultures. Current travel opportunities are offered in Namibia, Oaxaca Mexico, England, and a few others! The environment is extremely inclusive, and the staff work with you as often as you need in order to learn the information as well as pass the classes.”

Megan M., ’24

“I chose Augsburg because it actively challenges me to grow not only as a professional, but as an individual through its progressive educational approaches. The faculty at Augsburg are some of the most genuine and kind individuals who are always willing to support students in all aspects of learning. The DNP/FNP program prepared me to advance my career through its’ partnerships with medical professionals across Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota that will greatly impact our professional growth. Augsburg strives to be inclusive, sensitive, and active in our local community to improve the lives of not only students but of community members. Augsburg is unlike any other school I’ve ever attended; the professors are intelligent and warm who strive to mold students into safe, effective, and sensitive healthcare providers.”

Anna B., ’25

“Augsburg was the right choice for me given the vast amount of opportunities it offers and low student to faculty ratio. Faculty here at Augsburg are truly invested in what they do. I know that if I have an questions or need help with anything that they are just an email away. The program offers hands on opportunities and learning out in the community is way better than in a class room lecture. Augsburg accepts such a diverse amount of individuals which allows the environment of the school to be accepting of everyone. I would highly encourage someone to become an Auggie because the opportunities here are endless. The staff are exceptional because they are invested in us as students succeeding and learning. This school encourages growth. I am grateful for the opportunity here at Augsburg and thankful to be apart of the Auggie family.